The big news is not that Windows 10 has finally arrived, but that now we won't have to go through the every day trauma of using Windows 8. Microsoft has an alternate concept that it follows whenever it's up for releasing a brand new operating system. While Windows 8 was a nightmare, Windows 7 was a blessing, whereas Windows 10 is an accumulation of all things good.

The best thing about Windows 10 initially was that it was made available for free, as a free upgrade over the previous Windows OS version. And luckily enough, it seems like a number of previous Windows features have made a comeback for the new OS.

But that's not all. Like each year, Microsoft has fitted the new version of Windows with a host of secrets and secret functionality options that could reduce your workload in no time. However, the challenge here is to get around them and know them properly. And, in case you haven't managed to find any of them, here's a look at the five most intelligent Windows 10 secrets for you to check out.

The Start Menu is Heavily Customisable

First of all, let's welcome the good old Start Menu. But more than the addition of the Start Menu, what drives us is the amount of customisation you can put into the Start Menu. Microsoft has tweaked the Start Menu in such a way that users can now make their Start Menus look the way they please. To start customising, head over to the Settings>Personalisation, followed by selecting the colour you want for your Start Menu. That's not all as you can also make your Start menu transparent, by just hitting the Colours menu and turning on the 'Make Start, taskbar, and action center transparent' slider.

Create Desktops 

For Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a plethora of options for users to make their experiences as unique as possible. For instance, users will be able to open as many windows as they want, and will still have enough space on the screen to fit all of them. Now, you can not only pin windows on the left and right sides of the screen, but on the corners of the screen as well. There's now the Virtual Desktop feature that will allow you to create even more desktop space. If you are interested, press Windows key + Tab to enable the task view, followed by clicking the '+' icon at the bottom right side of the screen. Also, shortcuts such as Win+Ctrl+D let you create virtual desktops almost instantly.

Xbox One Streaming in Uber HD

One of the many cool features of the newly-released Windows 10 includes the option to stream Xbox One games to PC. This means you can now stream and play almost any game on your PC, directly via your Xbox One. But that isn't the big news. The big news is that Microsoft has introduced a 'very high' streaming quality option, which is an upgrade over the previous 'high' setting. To enable it, head over to the File Explorer and navigate to C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.XboxApp_######LocalState. Once there, right click 'userconsoledata' and open it with Notepad. Here, find the 'IsInternalPreview' value and change it from 'false' to 'true,' and you will be able to access the 'very high' quality setting in your Xbox One app for Windows 10.

The Command Prompt Gets Simpler

This is the feature that all the nerds will dig. Microsoft has added a bit of class to the age-old CMD, and so much so that you will now be able to copy-and-paste commands into it, which is quite the refresh from typing long directory names or commands that you come across over the Internet every day.

Honey, I Shrunk the Taskbar Search (I Can Remove it Too)

If you ever find the Taskbar search bar on Windows 10 intrusive, or maybe you are just tired of looking at it, know that it's quite easy to rid yourself off it. Just right-click the taskbar, click Search, then Show search Icon to shrink it to an icon. You can also choose 'Hidden' to hide it from your view entirely.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: WhatCulture]