The Dark Knight has many faces; there is no doubt about that. However, some of them are not so well-known or popular among the comic book fandom.

Since its debut in 1939, Batman has undergone numerous changes and incarnations depending on the various illustrators and writers who joined DC comics in the following years.

Here is a list of 5 bizarre versions of Batman that maybe not as popular as the original one, but are equally intriguing and impressive.

1. The Joker (The Batman: The Laughing Bat)

Yes, no matter how impossible it sounds, Batman's notorious archenemy has worn the cape of the Caped Crusader. It all happened when one fine day, Joker felt he doesn't want to be himself anymore.

Instead of trying to beat the Bat, he decided to be the Bat. He donned a crude imitation of Batsuit and started fighting crime in his signature twisted, homicidal way.

However, soon he realised something was amiss, and injected the real Batman with a non-lethal version of the Joker toxin in the game. It made Batman permanently insane, and consequently reversed both of their roles; meaning, the Joker-turned-Batman had his own version of Joker to fight now.

2. Bruce Wayne/Kal-El (Superman: Speeding Bullets)

In an alternate version of Superman comic book, little Kal-El, the last son of Krypton, landed in Gotham City instead of Smallville. Soon he was found by the wealthy Wayne family who adopted him and named him Bruce. In this version, Thomas and Martha Wayne didn't have a biological son.

Just like the original story, after a few years, a thug shot Thomas and Martha while the family was heading to home from a cinema. Little Bruce accidentally killed the thug with his Heat Vision and realised that he has superpowers.

Enraged with his parents' death, he donned the Batsuit and vowed to put an end to all the crime in Gotham City.

3. Thomas Wayne (Flashpoint)

This storyline is almost similar to the original one, except for one plot twist; instead of being the only survivor on that fateful night, Bruce Wayne is the only casualty.

After his son was killed, Thomas Wayne overpowered and beat the thug and waged a war on the criminal syndicates of Gotham, as revenge for his son's death.

4. Bizarro-Batman

In the world of Bizarro, everything is the exact opposite of what it is in our world; like the cube-shaped planet where everyone lives. Though the world is mostly known for Bizarro-Superman or simply Bizarro, it has its own version of Batman too.

Bizarro-Batman a.k.a. The World's Worst Detective is a dumb-witted ape-like man, who despite having an IQ less than that of an ant, solves cases and fights crime. Instead of Batman's iconic Utility Belt, he has got a Futility Belt that has all sort of useless stuff in it, like a chewed bubblegum and cigarette butts.

Just like our world's Batman, Bizarro-Batman also has to fight the criminals and put an end to Bizarro-Joker's scheme, who is as twisted and cruel as the original one.

5. Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond)

Though not as unknown as the rest, and probably one of the most anticipated Batman avatars, Terry McGinnis still made it to the bizarre list owing to one thing; because he is from future and also because he is not Bruce Wayne at all.

Terry is The Dark Knight of the next generation and watchful guardian of Neo-Gotham. He has been trained by the original Batman, Bruce Wayne, and shares the same passion to fight crime. Equipped with a hi-tech Batsuit that allows him to manoeuvre in the sky and multiply his strength, he even has Bruce's genes in him as the result of a freak medical accident.

Terry's personality is entirely different from that of Bruce's, but he has the same loyalty and sense of right and wrong. His constantly increasing need to protect Gotham proves that Batman will always be needed and he is the best person to carry on Bruce Wayne's legacy.