Michael Muhney/TVGrab
Michael Muhney/TVGrab

Fans of the popular TV series, "The Young And The Restless" are mourning the sudden demise of Michael Muhney.

Rumours have it that Muhney was fired from the CBS soap opera, for sexual misconduct, though fans clearly do not believe in these rumours. However, it is also being said that Muhney decided to leave the show for personal reasons.

In his last appearance, the star who portrays the role of Adam Newman seen involved in an accident. Around a lot of smoke, an upturned black SUV is seen,while Paul Williams and Nick Newman rush in to help the victim, but find it impossible to pull the man out of the car.

A tiny flicker of light will eventually blow up the SUV. But is Adam really dead? The show producers have left the death of Muhney's character as open-ended as possible. And this means, that there is a strong possibility that he may come back to play the role of "one of the most devious characters on daytime."

We have example from "The Young and the Restless"  itself, when Sharon Newman was presumed dead. While it was believed that she had died in a car accident, it turned out that Sharon was actually carjacked and the carjacker died in the fire. However, she was alive. 

 Watch Michael Muhney/Adam Newman death Scene The Young and Restless:

In the history of TV series there are ample examples where dead characters have miracously been brought back to life. While fans of Muhney are hurt and at loss, there is still hope that in all possibility Adam Newman will have to be given a second life.
Here is a list of 5 characters who were brought back from dead. 

1. Bobby Ewing from "Dallas"

Remember the insanely popular primtime drama series "Dallas". Patrick Duffy,who was playing the role of Bobby Ewing, decided to leave the show towards the end of the eight season. Hence the "Dallas" gang decided to have him killed by his jealous sister-in law, who ran over him with a car.
However, the character was so loved by the audiences and the "Dallas" crew that the producers has no choice but invite Patrick back into the show. Hence the writers after much brain-storming came up with a simple solution – and it tuned out that Bobby never died, but it just that his wife Pam had a bad dream. 

2. Stefano DiMera from "Days of Our Lives"

Stefano DiMera from "Days of Our Lives" has been killed eight times since the character came into play in 1982. Joseph Mascolo, who plays Stefano DiMera has been shot, burned, exploded, swept away in a hurricane, and was even drained of all of his blood, but still he still refuses to die.

3. Kenny from "South Park"

Let's start with the spoiler. "South Park"  fans know that Kenny has been killed a hundred times, but he always comes back to life. Kenny has a mysterious curse on him, that he can't stay dead and those around him can't even remember, he had been killed.
Kenny McCormick undisputedly has been killed the most number of times in the history of TV show. So much so that Stan and Kyle's recurring reaction — "Oh my God! They killed Kenny! You bastards!" — has become a certified catchphrase.

4. Sara Tancredi from "Prison Break"

The gripping Fox drama lost its popular character doctor Sara Tancredit. Sarah Wayne Callies,who plays Sara Tancredit was pregnant and the producers could not reach on an agreement on her shooting for scenes. Hence,"The Company" kidnaps doctor Sara Tancredi and beheads her.
But when the writers had to bring her back, the audience are told that in reality Sara never died, and in fact it was not even her head in the first place.

5. Murdoc from "MacGyver"

MacGyver's arch nemesis dies a thousand deaths, each one dumber than the last. In the action-adventure series,  Michael Des Barres portrayed the arch-nemesis of TV's most resourceful hero. Murdoc, who knew how to cheat has "died" several times over the course of the show, each time screaming - MacGyverrr! before meeting his not-so permanent death.