Kapil Sharma is one of the most successful comics in the country. The comic turns 39 today, and he's had a long and funny career. With his show, he's brought in much fun and laughter into people's homes.

On Kapil Sharma's birthday, let's look at some of his best when he had Bollywood's best on his show. These ones were no less than a laughter riot. 

Kapil Sharma
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Kapil Sharma's best jokes

Kapil Sharma's show has seen many highs and lows, sometimes the center of controversy. Yet, it's still going strong, thanks to Kapil's comedy. Kapil Sharma has cracked a lot of jokes but there were jokes that stood out more than others. 

1. That time when Shah Rukh Khan made fun of him as a producer

Kapil Sharma's show always features guests who get to show off their comedy skills on the show. Being a comic also means riffing off the other, which Kapil knows how to do. When Shah Rukh Khan had come on his show to promote Raees, when Kapil asked him why he goes on sets early, as a producer is he catering as well? Shah Rukh Khan retorts by telling him as the producer on his movie FIrangi, he would learn what it's like. King Khan laughs hard saying that he's very happy Kapil is becoming a producer. Kapil then ahs a comeback ready, "It's Shah Rukh Khan, and he laughed at me, that's 300 crores for sure for me." 

2. When Kapil couldn't pronounce Ellen DeGeneres' name

When Priyanka Chopra had come on Kapil Sharma's show, in her introduction he wanted to say that famous Hollywood talk shows had had her on their shows. But, when he tried to pronounce Ellen DeGeneres, he failed spectacularly. Priyanka pulled his leg by forcing him to continuously pronounce it until he got it right and finally confused him by saying it's Ellen Dangerous. Poor Kapil realises there's no getting out of it.

3. When Kapil called Deepika his sister in front of Ranveer Singh

Kapil Sharma's famous, yet tragic love for Deepika Padukone came to an end when Ranveer Singh married Deepika Padukone. When Ranveer came on his show to promote his film, Kapil tried to keep his jealousy to the minimum by calling Deepika his sister, so as not to irk the actor while talking to an audience member. Catching on to it, the audience member says she's Kapil's sister too. Kapil really got his heart stomped on, but it was worth the laugh.

4. When Kapil's joke on Shah Rukh Khan backfired on him

Shah Rukh Khan and Kapil Sharma share extremely funny exchanges on the show. But, when Shah Rukh Khan came with Alia Bhatt, Kapil made a jibe at Shah Rukh Khan's poetic tweets. In return, the actor said he tweets whenever Kapil tweets about politics at night, particularly the time he tweeted about the tax he paid in outrage. It was a major facepalm moment for the comic.

5. When Kapil revealed how Akshay Kumar stole his ad

The most recent moment that transpired on Kapil Sharma's show was when Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty had come to promote Sooryavanshi. Kapil who usually makes fun observations about his guests, spoke about how once when he thought his ad shoots for an insurance company were going well and that maybe his contract would be renewed, next year, he saw Akshay Kumar on screen donning the costume of Yamraj and realised his ad had gone to him. Akshay Kumar proceeds to throw a cushion at the comic. 

Surely, there'll be more such moments for us to enjoy in the years to come.