Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar

Art and fashion is a cutthroat business and only talented one can sustain for long. Amit kumar is one such artist who has stood the test of time. Born and brought up in Jalandhar, Punjab Amit kumar was talented since childhood and took up the profession of makeup art since a very early age.
So here are five things you should learn from Amit kumar:

1) Hard work pays-
Amit kumar is not from a privileged background and he had literally no one to look up for inspiration. All he learned was from his hard work and dedication. He is a self made man.

2) Art can be simplistic-
In the era of over highlighted and typical classic makeup Amit kumar came up with art of doing make up naturally. He preferred to focus on making people look natural rather than going for artificial looks. This phenomenal success as the simplicity of his art took off well and soon he was among the top elite of fashion and art industry. He always mention that highlight of his career was getting award from his favorite artist Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen.

3) Nepotism is not the only way to success-
One of the common things people talk about in the media is nepotism and how it can boost your career. Everyone try to make contacts or get in touch with influential people just so that they can get a break in new movie or art concert but Amit kumar never went down that path, instead he chose to rely on his own talent. It took quite some time and he struggled a lot too, but it ultimately paid off.

4) There is always room to learn more-
Amit kumar has achieved many awards and accolades and he is now an inspiration for many artists. Many young makeup artists view him as an inspiring figure and expert in his field but Amit kumar always claim to be a student of art who is constantly learning new things. This has helped him a lot to keep up with new trends and made his art evolve for better.

5) Always be down to earth-
Success also has its own price and people do change when they become successful. Amit kumar come from a decent background and despite of all the success and fame he is still a down to earth person. He mostly spend time teaching young artists and involving in many charitable NGO aimed at empowering poor children

Amit kumar has become a household name in makeup art world and he still has a long way to go. We can only wish him good luck for his future endeavors.