Romantic Getaway
Life has changed. Today, most people spend more time at work place and have little time for near and dear ones. Valentine’s Day can be a good opportunity to leave behind one’s work and spend some quality time with people dear to them. A romantic getaway to an exotic location can be a good experience for people who are deprived of fun.Reuters

Valentine's Day is finally here. Lovebirds are all out to make their partners feel special. However, a slightest careless act can spoil the whole fun. There are certain things that lovers should avoid to make Valentine's Day a memorable one.

Here are the five things that one should avoid to make Valentine's Day unforgettable.

Don't Get Drunk

A little bit of drink is fine if you are going out for dinner with your special somebody - and if he/she also drinks. However, drinking too much can spoil the whole fun. Misunderstanding can crop up if one is drunk.

Don't be Critical on Dress

One should always remember that Valentine's Day is not a time for moral policing or fashion show. Don't ever complain about the dress your partner wears on the day. Just give compliment and say that he/she looks good in the dress. Small sweet compliments and whispers matter a lot.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is complete turn off for anybody on all occasions. On a day like Valentine's Day, lovers may get intimate too but bad breath can pull them apart. So, one should watch what one eats before going out with that someone special.

Text Messaging or Talking on Phone

Don't ever text message or speak to an old flame on Valentine's Day, especially when you are with that special someone. Just a short 'hello' can turn off your partner's mood and thus spoil the fun. It's best to switch off your cell phone on Valentine's Day.

Past Relationship

Love hurts. One should avoid talking about any unpleasant past incidents. Never talk about your past relationships or ask about your partner's past on Valentine's Day because a careless word can spoil your months' efforts. Keep it simple and let the conversation flow - smoothly.

And don't forget to whisper the three-word-sentence (I Love You) if you are in love.