GTA might get a female protagonist
GTA might get a female protagonistRockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 5 has finally made its entrance into the gaming world after  Rockstar Games made its fans wait for almost five years for the flagship game. There are a lot of things which game publisher could have done with the fifth installment of GTA.

It was highly expected that GTA5 would be an updated version that will carry many new features. While the game developers have now included the ability to buy and own property, amass huge collection of cars and customize their character, there are a lot of features that are still missing from the game.

Here is a list of features which could have been added to the GTA 5 game, according to Forbes.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

The game Sleeping Dogs that was released last year has a massive entry into the sandbox crime genre. This game features the hand-to hand combat, which could have been included in GTA 5.

Car Delivery and Storage

This feature is found in Saints Row and GTA 5 could have adapted the car delivery service feature and made the game more interesting. The players could call and have any car delivered from the garage to one of the gang members in the game. GTA 5 gives an opportunity to the players to drive different kinds of cars but it is always difficult to reach all the cars in the game, hence the car delivery and storage could have made the game appealing.

Tactical Combat

The combat in the game has does not involve much work and the players require just two buttons to fight a combat. The game could have been more focused on the fighting combat just like Far Cry 3, a first person shooter offering a fun combat experience to the players. GTA 5 could have adopted this feature from the game.

Skill Leveling

GTA 5 would have been much more fun, if the upgrade system was utilized properly instead of including categories with the help of which the gamers can automatically level up in the game. This feature takes away its thrill.  

GTA 5 has been divided into three main categories driving, shooting and stamina. The driving is judged on the basis of the car the player is driving and not on the skills. The stamina is utilized even when the player is at a low level as the players have to run for eons before consuming the health bars. There are other skills like stealth, strength and lung capacity presented in the game.

 The stealth missions are not very exciting and the strength option is not really  required as there is no hand-to-hand combat. The lung capacity option too does not make much of a difference as the underwater missions in the game utilize the scuba oxygen tank.

The game called Fallout happens to have a great statistic assignment systems, which keeps a track of all the levels played. This helps the player in playing a better game the next time. Since, there are three players in GTA 5, there could have been different style of gameplay for each player.

Character Relationships

There is no interaction in the characters in the game. There are three main characters with each carrying a storyline around them but the game does not include the stories very well. The characters cannot interact with the family members in the game.

 Mass Effect is one of the games which have provided the players with interaction amongst the characters of the game, making it much more fun to play.

GTA 5 has created a good amount of buzz amongst the fans but this flagship game could have included a lot more than what Rockstar Games is offering now. It seems that the developers managed to bring out an upgrade but there are not many new features to add to the fun element in the game.