Deko Phir se aya shanivaar... Aha! These Saturday evenings pre-lockdown were mostly with friends around having a good time and enjoying the weekend. But now as we are entering Lockdown 3.0 and it has been over a month we are home quarantined and itching to go out, see the world around and get back to our BC (Before coronavirus) lives. Let's take you back in the time when you had a sleepover with your friends and ended up calling the spirits by using planchette or planned to watch a scary movie, but you had to drop the plan for that one friend. As most of us have run out of what to watch on the web. Let's welcome lockdown 3.0 by watch some supernatural thrillers.

International Business Times brings to you 5 supernatural web series that will surely give you chills down your spine.

Horror web shows to watch

Ragini MMS Returns Season 2 (Alt Balaji and Zee5)

The story revolves around Ragini Shroff (Divya Agrawal), a final year student who comes for a trip to Victoria Villa along with her girl gang. Things start to slip out of hand on the first night itself when Ragini finds out that something is wrong with the place only for her friends to not take her seriously. The situation goes from bad to worse as the whole group succumbs to the paranormal activities one by one and go missing. The show also features Sunny Leone who plays the role of a paranormal expert, Meena Sharma who goes to the villa and tries to save them from danger. Along with her, the thriller has Varun Sood, Antara Banerjee, Gaurav Alugh amongst others.

Typewriter (Netflix)

The typewriter has an amazing star cast of Purab Kohli, Palomi Ghosh, and Samir Kochhar.  The series is about a haunted house in Goa and a haunted book that stir the imagination of a group of young, wannabe ghost hunters and their dog. As their curiosity around the series of events increases, they are hell-bent on capturing the ghost that plagues the notorious home in their neighborhood. After a new family moves into that home, they feel it's important to catch the ghost quickly before something bad happens. The series revolves around the past events that happened in the villa and its repercussions in the present. 

Ghoul (Netflix)

This Netflix original horror web series is the story of Nida Rahim (Radika Apte) who is an army officer and works as an interrogator in the remote military centre where high profile criminals are brought for interrogation. She is appointed to interrogate Ali Saeed (Mahesh Balraj), a dreaded terrorist who has been recently captured and brought in for questioning. However, he turns the tables on his interrogators, exposing their most shameful secrets. Rahim concludes that Ali Saeed is not from this world and is possessed by some supernatural entity. Some scenes in the show are shot so well that you can't help but scream out in fear. The series stars Radhika Apte and Manav Kaul along with others.

Bhram (Zee5)

The story and plot of this ZEE5 original revolve around the life of a young girl called Alisha Khanna, who happens to be a bestselling author of love stories. Bhram is a psychological thriller where Alisha suffers from PTSD and traverses all kinds of extremes (paranormal, mythical, psychological) to unearth a long-forgotten truth. The twisted forgotten past reveals new truths and changes everything. The series has some interesting star cast like Kalki Koechlin, Sanjay Suri, and Bhumika Chawla.

Tantra (MX Player)

Tantra is a story of a woman who detests the fact that her rich father-in-law hands the reins of the family company to her husband's younger brother. The cast of the show features Aditi Arya, Vidur Anand, and Salina Prakash. The show is a compelling drama that showcases the dangerous powers of dark magic that dives into the taboo topic of evil occult and devil-worshipping.

It's time to turn off the lights and get under your sheets to witness the horror that unfolds by binge-watching these shows all night long!!!