Apple Rolls Out iOS 8.3 OTA Update For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch; Top 6 Upgrades Worth Noting
Apple Pushes Out iOS 8.3 OTA Update To All iDevices; A Bundle Of Major Changes And UpgradesApple

No sooner did Apple release iOS 7 a few years ago, the world was already contemplating over what the next version of iOS would be like. Now with the iOS 8 already here, we have been treated to a host of changes, fixes and additions to Apple's overall iOS ecosystem with Apple's biggest ever iOS release.

Before the official release of iOS 8, the Internet, as expected, went bonkers over what Apple had been planning for its 'olde faithful' with the new version of the iOS. Though it may look like a smaller upgrade (compared to jump from iOS 6 to iOS 7), there are a host of features and options inside that could make a lot of difference.

While assuming that all of you already know the features that have been brought over for the iOS 8, here is a list of the hidden ones that aren't presented to you openly via the new iOS 8. All these features are part of the Apple iOS 8 ecosystem, but somehow kept away from open eyes.

Siri Can Identify Songs, As Well

That Siri's ability to be a brilliant personal voice assistant is nothing new, but what's new is the kind of supports it harbours, thanks to the newly updated iOS operating system. As of now, you can ask Siri to purchase music from iTunes Store. Not only that, it can even listen to music and identify the track for you. Just ask Siri about the song that is playing and it will listen and answer accordingly, thanks to its link up with Shazam.

Get a Blank Home Screen

In case you didn't know, iOS 8 allows you to keep your home screen to a minimal. To do this, you can move all icons to the next home screen and create a proper blank home screen. This however, is not something of importance unless you are looking to free up some space on your phone's screen for more apps.

Shift to Greyscale Mode

If you get a high out of retro looks and classic gothic-styled black and white, know that you can easily enable Greyscale mode by heading over to Settings – General – Accessibility – Greyscale – On. The option is actually meant for the ones affected by colour-blindness, but may look quite retro for those having a thing for dark material.

Attaching GIF images in Notes

With iOS 8, it is now possible to add GIF images to Notes, apart from rich text formatting as well. Users will only require selecting text, tapping the tiny right arrow and finalising by tapping 'BIU'.

Dispatch Last Known Location

If your iOS device's battery is critically low, the device will always send its last-known location to Apple for you to track it via iCloud. This comes handy in case you lose a phone that switched off due to dead battery. To use it, just head over to Settings – iCloud – Find My iPhone/Find My iPad – Send Last Location – On.