The film industry is known for affairs between the co-stars of films which generally does not last for long. Also, not all actors are open enough to make their relationship public. However, there is no smoke without fire.

Here are some popular rumoured affairs of Telugu film industry:

Rana Daggubati – Trisha

Rana Daggubati
Leaked pics of Trisha and Rana.

Rana and Trisha have never worked together for any films but still have been in a relationship. This could have possibly happened when Rana was in Madras pursuing his studies and working as the director for commercials and graphics. The duo has been in relation for a long time, but things, as expected, did not go well in between them.

Jagapathi Babu- Priyamani

Jagapathi Babu and Priyamani

Priyamani and Jagapathi Babu have worked together for four films – Pellaina Kothhalo, Pravarakhyudu, Saadhyam and Kshetram. In all these films, their on-screen chemistry was more than enough to portray their love for each other. The duo was seen in public events and other functions together. But after a certain time, they were never seen together. Also, it has been more than a decade since they worked with each other.

Ram Charan Tej and Neha Sharma

Ram Charan Tej and Neha Sharma in Chirutha.

Ram Charan and Neha, both of debuted in the industry at the same time, and with the same film. They looking hot on-screen and their chemistry won hearts. It is reported then that they were in love with each other and that they will get married soon. But to all our surprise, Charan was married to Upasana.

Tarun and Shriya Saran

Tarun and Shriya in Nuvve Nuvve.

Tarun and Shriya Saran's love affair is famous. They have acted together in three films and their pair looked amazing together. There were rumours about their love story and that is when Shriya said that she is infatuated to all the actors she works with. Also, Tarun and Aarti Agarwal's love story was pretty much famous.

Varun Sandesh and Shraddha Das

Varun and Shraddha dated each other for quite some time. But not all love stories have happy beginnings and endings as well. This news spread like wildfire and soon, they split. But they have never revealed the reason behind their breakup. Later, Varun Sandesh married Vithika Sheru.

Varun Sandesh