Another year, another new avatar of Bats. The formula might be old to a few, but it sure works better than most sequels that we see all year long. And with 2015 almost ticking in, we are freeing up the spaces in our PCs and consoles to make way for the brand new Batman Arkham Knight.

The new Batman game on the cards will look to cash in on the kind of gameplay that has been on offer from the previous titles in the Arkham series and will blend it with a few new features and skills that will separate it from its equally hard-hitting predecessors.

This time around, the game has been set one year after the events of 2011's Batman: Arkham City. It follows an all charged up Batman confronting the Scarecrow, who, on his return to Gotham City, wants to unite Batman's enemies to finally get rid of the caped crusader.

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But is that all from the game to make it to your wishlist for the year? Why invest in a new Batman game if it's offering the same old stuff? Well, here are the reasons to help you decide otherwise.

The New Batmobile is Too Good a Deal
If there are the Bats, there has to be Bats' ride. And the newly done Batmobile is as good a ride as you could ever ask for. While the Batmobile is anyway always equipped with the best in the business, it's still getting a major makeover for Arkham Knight. The new game sees the vehicle treated to some heavy customisation for an even meaner-looking ride. For example, this baby can ramp through walls and even glide in the air.

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Better Tech Up for Grabs
Batman always carries around with him a plethora of gadgets and other cool stuff, and for Arkham Knight, his big yellow belt of wonders return in its full force. Thanks to the changes made in the game, the dark knight can now throw Batarangs in the air and use it as a hook to scale the rooftof. In a nutshell, a hardcore Bats fan is sure to be enthralled by the kind of tech on offer.

Introducing Fear Takedowns
If you are aware of the kind of gameplay that's on offer from the games in the Arkham series, you shouldn't be too distant from the concept of takedowns. However, the devs has worked on this entire takedown mechanic from the roots, making it an ever better prospect. There's a new element called the Fear Takedown this time around, where Batman only needs to line up his targets within his sight. Later, with a single button press, he swiftly launches into action.

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This Bad Guy is Genuinely...Bad
As far as a simple personal belief is concerned, Bats always has the bad luck of facing few of the worst villains in the entire Marvel, DC and any other comic universe you can think of. Sadly (better for us) it doesn't get any better with the Arkham Knight as the game brings to us an adversary of the same name. The Arkham Knight seeks justice and holds a grudge against Batman.

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Dive Bombing Goes Pro
Bats is no super human, and yet he can glide in the air so well, thanks to his entire get-up and the way Physics helps him around with that (well, most of the times). And something similar is the deal with the dive bombing that Batman performs time and again. This time, the dive bombing mechanic has been worked upon well to offer more flexibility in the caped hero's movements. Now you can make jumps from even higher altitudes while being rest assured that Bats will successfully swoop down and then go back up again.