Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect: Andromeda

BioWare's upcoming addition to the famous Mass Effect series, Mass Effect: Andromeda, would have been a delight to its fans if the developers had treated the game to more screen time at the E3. However, what we got was just another CG-heavy trailer that wasn't even worth the entire waiting period.

As of now, BioWare has already made it known that the game would surpass all other Mass Effect titles released in the past, and that it will take time to fully complete the game and push it out for gold.

Right now, very little is known about the title, although we have a few questions based on what we saw in the trailer of the game or what we may have been hearing about the game on the streets. Here's a closer look.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – We Have a Few Questions, Please

How Important will Exploration be?

  • BioWare is no stranger to massive, open-world games, and a burning proof to that is the previously-released Dragon Age: Inquisition that offered around 20 hours of overall gameplay. And since the next generation, as it seems, is almost bent upon anything that's a massive open world, it could be that Andromeda is following that route.
  • As far as leaks are concerned, we have heard in the past that players will be able to upgrade armour to explore planets and surfaces more efficiently. And that's something even the game's trailer suggested. So does this mean we are actually looking towards interplanetary adventures?

How Improved will the Classes be This Time?

  • Classes formed an integral part of the previous Mass Effect 3. However, fans were still confused regarding the game's melee animation that would change from class to class. Meaning, if you choose one class type, the animation will differ from the other class.
  • For Andromeda, we are hoping that the class system will be more defined and to-the-point, this time around. Maybe we'll be treated to more defined class types and their features in Andromeda.

Will the Mako be Improved?

  • The original Mako from the first game in the series sure formed an effective mode of exploration in the first game, but due to its nature (looked like a cartoon), we never treated it with much seriousness. But things seem like they could change in the new Mass Effect.
  • Going by the E3 trailer for Andromeda, however, it seems like BioWare has finally started listening to all the complaints related to it. And even if the Mako is greatly redone, what are the changes that will be related to it, this time around? Only time will tell.

Is BioWare Cutting Out the Aliens?

  • One of the most interesting things that were gathered from the game's E3 trailer was the lack of any aliens, something that formed a major part in the previous Mass Effect games. Is BioWare looking to reshape the aliens from the last game or are they cooking up something entirely different?
  • If BioWare was indeed looking to cut out the aliens bit from the upcoming game, why would they even care in the first place to introduce explorable planets? After all, new planets aren't that fun if there's no extra-terrestrial life form to encounter.

Who's the Hero This time?

  • For those who think otherwise, the guy that we saw in the trailer is not the hero of the game. In fact, you won't even play as him in Andromeda. Wait! Then who exactly do we play as this time around? Your guess is as good as mine.
  • We are guessing that this is so since Mass Effect's heroes has remained genderless as of now, since the player can choose who to play as. But, will BioWare build on that or will we have someone in the mould of Shepard to carry things forward?

Stay tuned for more updates!