Amanda's stripper poster is one of the several Easter Eggs in the game.YouTube

As far as modern day videogames are concerned, as it seems, there are a number of hidden messages and implications for players to find out, outside attempting the usual campaign and side missions. And while most of these Easter Eggs are fun to explore, for a game like GTA 5, expect their offensiveness levels to climb ridiculously high.

You can't really blame Rockstar if it intends to have a bit of fun inside the game with hidden messages and implications. However, what really will be grave to many (parents, especially) is the nature of these Easter Eggs. Since they are so offensive, the fun level also increases as players embark on hunting them down.

There are a number of such Easter Eggs inside the game that you will come across, and we take a closer look at the five most offensive Easter Eggs that Rockstar has included inside GTA 5.

Click Lovers
This may not seem like much, but on closer inspection you will see the Click Lovers advertisement spread all across the game. Just so you know, Click Lovers is otherwise a harmless, usual electronics superstore, but that name at first glance might reveal something entirely sinister. If you still don't get it, considering you are overtly naïve, the 'click' in Click Lovers, at a sudden glance, can look entirely different, since your corrupted mind will see the letters 'c' and 'l' as a 'd.' Also, this isn't helped by the fact that the superstore offers 'Surprise Facials' for customers. Weird!

Homosexual Gnomes
If there ever was a way for Rockstar to crack sexual puns on everyday objects, it seem like it has finally cracked that elusive code. Take for example, everyday household decorative gnomes that you see in your neighbour's garden. Rockstar managed to find the perfect use for these otherwise garden ornaments, perched on the doorstep of a certain person in Vinewood Hills, in a compromising position over one another. Here's a quick look at what we are talking about.

'Michael's Wife's a Stripper' Poster
If you remember correctly from the game, Michael's wife Amanda is one of those steadfast characters in GTA 5 who never stands for any kind of bull. But if the Los Santos Customs garage in the Grand Senora Desert is to be taken into account, it may seem like Amanda has had a sort of shady past life. Well, it isn't that we are demeaning any profession (as long as they are honest), but it seems like the garage has a poster of a stripper called Amanda who also looks eerily similar to Michael's wife. Fans say that this is Amanda when she was younger, and was feeling more 'adventurous' about life. Well, the sort of everyday adventures strippers usually have, at least. Check it out here.

Amanda's 'Alone Time'
We are sticking to Michael's wife for the time being since she looks like a woman with a bifurcated nature. Now this isn't a post where we go about discussing how everyone requires a bit of alone time every now and then, but the kind of Easter Egg the game hides in Michel's mansion related to Amanda is surely an eye-opener. With GTA 5, it is possible at times to catch Amanda during her alone sessions. During this time, Amanda, let's say, goes into a deep meditation mode with a copy of Kama Sutra and a sort of 'device' in her right hand. And the detailing of it brings the entire sequence to life, provided you manage to hit upon it in the first place.

The Nude Cannibals
What can be so disturbing about a bunch of nude dudes walking around, killing and eating their own kind? No! nothing disturbing there. Or that's what Rockstar seems to think with this one. Trying to portray a darker side of society, Rockstar thought it would add to the horror by making these dudes both nudists and cannibalistic. Not only is Trevor (the most sadistic of all) required to work out favours for these dudes, in the end he even needs to gun them down when they decide to eat Trevor as well.