Launching beta versions of a game before it goes gold isn't something new. In fact, developers have taken the route a number of times for a host a games, just to give players a taste of what's slated to come and give them a chance to detect problems. 

The deal is something similar with the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, whose beta version has already been pushed out for fans to test the multiplayer aspect of it. Apart from those who have pre-ordered the game, players who own previous versions of the game are being given free access to the new game, which is set in 2065 and offers new scientific, technological advancements to the characters.

With the beta for the game already out, CoD fans are flocking in to try their hands on the game. While PC and PS4 versions of the beta are moving smoothly, it seems Xbox One players are facing problems, with some of them being unable to get the codes required for the game.

But apart from getting the codes for the beta and running it successfully on one's platform of choice, there are a host of things about the beta. 

Here are five intricate details that players need to keep in mind for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta.

You Will Love the Maps

This is just the beta version of the game and maybe, keeping that in mind, the developers have equipped the multiplayer beta with just three maps. While we are expecting more maps (at least, more than 10) to be included into the game going forward, if the initial maps are any indication of things to come, expect some awesomely inventive playgrounds to grace the game on release. Evac may not have been the greatest map in CoD ever, but fans will surely take some joy in playing out the Hunted and Combine maps. For example, as we mentioned earlier, the underwater combat aspect of the Hunted.

The Bloodiest CoD Game To Date

Sure there are lots of shooting and big effing guns in each of the Call of Duty titles that have been released so far, but a constant complaint has been regarding the subject of blood and gore. None of the CoD games so far have offered as much gore as fans expect, especially when players have access to powerful weaponry and can be mowed down by bullets at any point of time. However, with Black Ops 3, the developers are looking to address the 'complaint' and are said to introduce copious amounts of gore since 2008's Call of Duty: World at War (remember when the Japanese general stubbed his cigar into the eye of the American soldier?). For instance, expect the Sparrow bow weapon to explode the enemy into a bloody pile of raw meat on contact.

Get Ready for Underwater Combat

If you have already come across Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta's Hunted map, you should know a thing or two about underwater combat the map offers, allowing players to dive into lush-looking pools near the complex. Getting underwater in high-pressure situations not only gets you out of the enemy's sight, but also creates diversions that you can use to your advantage in taking down a baddie. Oh well, variation is always welcome, isn't it?

Less Challenges = Slow Level Ranking

These are just initial days for the game's beta and it has been released for players to find and point out the areas of issue for developers to further work on. However, it's almost alarming to find that there are hardly any challenges that have been included in the game's beta. While players won't notice much initially, they will get the grip of things once the multiplayer progression comes into question. Long story short, leveling up in Black Ops 3 beta is slow and there's a huge chance most of the players won't even reach the level cap before the beta closes. That means even if you play two unhindered hours of the beta, your average level still won't reach 15. Quite the bummer, huh?

The Graphics Won't Entertain You... For Now

This is just the beta version of the game and we can't stress enough the fact that the game is yet to go gold and this is just a taste of things to come. But going by the proverb "morning shows the day," fans could be up for major disappointment, as far as the game's graphics are concerned. From what we have seen from the beta, or for that matter, any of the CoD games of the past, world textures seem quite bland and have a lot of scope for improvement. Maybe the developers will set things right before the final game is released.

As of now, the multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has already been pushed out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Stay tuned for more updates!