Fallout 4
Fallout 4 has been confirmed, after a long wait.Twitter/BethesdaGameStudios

Long before this year's E3 kicked off, rumours, leaks and speculations about Fallout 4 were doing the rounds across the web. But with the E3 finally making things official, it seems like the game is indeed on track to be one of the best titles the year is currently awaiting.

As expected, Fallout 4 was treated to most screen time at the press conference. The presentation was accompanied by two demos, a free standalone Vault management game called Fallout Shelter for iOS and Android and various trailers that only managed to enhance our curiosity for the game.

With the game's highly-rated E3 reveal now finally out of the way, this is the time to look back at some of the intense moments that we came across while Fallout 4 was screened officially for the very first time at this year's E3.

Enemy AI Has Improved... A Lot

When a land is ravaged by war, which is nuclear in nature, you would only expect its unfortunate inhabitants to mutate beyond all human understanding, thanks to vast amounts of radiation poisoning over a span of years. Every Fallout game, until now, has put special emphasis on such mutated hideous creatures that will cross paths with you in the vast wasteland (take Deathclaw, for example).

However, with the final trailer of Fallout 4, it seems like enemy AI has evolved from the past titles and will now look to varied ways to put you down. For instance, you surely must have come across the Bloodbug, a mutated mosquito of sorts.

Controllable Vehicles

As far as vehicles are concerned, going by the Fallout history, there's only one name that comes to mind time and again, Vertibird. In the past Fallout games, Vertibird has been nothing more than a sort of shelter for the game's protagonist. However, with Fallout 4, things are on the verge of changing, and although Bethesda hasn't confirmed it, it seems like we are finally heading towards controllable vehicles in Fallout 4.

And that makes a lot of sense as this will be a massive open world and there will be numerous modes of travel required to commute from one part of the land to the other.

Improved Weapon Customization

While we are still in a bit of darkness regarding this one, we are sure Bethesda has worked on the fine tuning to get the weapons customization factor spot-on. Sure we don't have much to complain regarding how that worked out in the previous Fallout titles, but going by how much detail is put into weapon customizations thesedays, we only expect Bethesda to keep up with the times.

In the short demo for the game, developers gave us a mini view of the extent up to which Fallout 4's weapons can be tweaked and modified. Players can alter almost any weapon until they are satisfied.

The Protagonist is 200 Years Old

The future is dark and mysterious and there is a chance that science will soon stumble upon the potential Holy Grail of all scientific advancements, a way to stop ageing. In Fallout 4, we see our protagonist, who has lived a pre-apocalypse life and has been alive for around 200 years. This probably means that the game will indeed have this sort of ageing stasis feature that now allows humans to live longer. And if the protagonist has survived for 200 years, it is expected that there will be others as well who have experienced the same.

Apocalypse Has Never Looked So Beautiful

If it's an apocalyptic world that you are facing, the world has to look dark and hostile, devoid of any recognizable life, and hasn't Bethesda done a grand work of that. The game is making use of the updated Creation Engine, one that was modified from the Gamebryo engine that powered Fallout 3 and even Oblivion. Thanks to that, the new Fallout will enjoy improved lighting and shading detailing on release, with in-depth animation and textures.

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