Destiny has been coming around for a long time. Repeatedly tagged as one of the best multiplayer games to have hit the industry in 2014, Destiny lived up to expectations with more than 10 million faithfuls and growing, in North America alone.

Referred to as a 'shared-world shooter', Destiny provides the opportunity to create a character, known as a Guardian, while choosing both a race and a class. The Guardians can further be divided into three distinct races: Humans, Awoken and the Exo.

And while all the humdrum is about being a Guardian, it's better if you actually went ahead and excelled at it rather than just beating around the bush. Here are 5 easy, yet effective ways by which you could become one of the better Guardians around.

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Headshots the Key
If there's one thing gaming has taught us over the years, it is that there is no alternative to a juicy headshot, in terms of dealing maximum damage to the enemy. And Destiny isn't any different. Know that you will do your street creed a lot well if you can take down lower level enemies with just a bullet or two to the head. Also count bosses and their reducing health as well.

Keep Upgrading
While the world (worlds, actually) of Destiny might seem like a difficult proposition at times, you can avoid most of that difficulty by regularly upgrading your Guardian. When not in mission or combat, keep checking the character tab in the pause menu to see if any upgrades are available at that time. That goes for items as well. In case you got something new, there will be a glowing white box next to that icon.

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Know the Right Class For You
As we mentioned earlier, there are as many as three different classes to choose from in Destiny. Each of these characters have been rated and categorised in terms of Armour, Recovery and Agility. While you should be doing a bit of more research before picking one, know that while a Titan offers you specialised heavy attacks with a high armor rating, a Hunter can offer you high Agility rating although with lower armor. Warlock, on the other hand, specialises in magic abilities, but takes damage easily as well.

Grab the Loot
There's nothing better than picking up random stuff from your fallen comrades or enemies after each battle. Not only can you refuel your ammo, you could even come around new items that might come handy going forward. Once treading into newer locations, make a point to look out for Golden Chests. These are your one-stop shop for assorted materials, weapons, and a host of rare items.

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More than Just Shooting
Sure you are being treated to a plethora of guns while your ammo is being refuelled by stuff that you pick up from the fallen, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Destiny is just another mindless online shooter. On the contrary, there are other different ways to attack enemies. Try serving some hate with a grenade or melee your enemies for extra damage.