The entire RPG genre has evolved over time with more and more advancements being made in the field. Sure, most of the people are always into the likes of FPS or third-person shooters, but RPGs have different thing going for them. Take Skyrim, for instance.

The RPG genre is now set to go even greater heights with 2015 fast approaching. We already have a host of gaming titles lined up in the pipe for fast releases before the end of the year. And as it seems, we might be in for an exciting next year.

In case you are wondering if you can yet relive the days of the past with RPGs releasing in their full glory, you might be in luck since 2015 could spoil you with choices. And here are the 5 titles that you should be playing next year if you are an RPG fan.

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Bloodborne (PlayStation 4)
If gothic architecture and dark storyline is your kind of thing, we are sure that the upcoming Bloodborne will offer you immense joy. Arriving from the creators of Dark Souls, the new game takes place in a gothic, ruined city of Y'harnam which is rumored to house a potent medical remedy. However, a strange illness curses the land turning most of its residents into horrible mutated creatures.

Fable Legends (Xbox One)
Unlike the previous Fable games, the new Fable Legends is set to focus on the co-operative part of things, as far as gameplay is concerned. The game, this time, is based around five characters (four heroes and a villain). Needless to say, all of them can be controlled by players. However, players can experience the same gameplay experience is possible regardless of multiplayer or single player games.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
To be very frank, out of all the games in this list and the ones we are set to put in, nothing excites us more than the upcoming Witcher 3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is already shaping to be one of the defining games of 2015. And more so since the game will feature the new REDengine 3 game engine. The engine was developed by CD Projekt RED and designed specifically for nonlinear role-playing video games that are set in vast open world environments.

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Final Fantasy VII HD (PlayStation 4)
If you have been dealing with a varied number of RPGs in your quest to become the ultimate role-playing master, you will surely be no alien to the Final Fantasy series. While most of the noise is currently due to the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, few of us are also excited by the fact that Final Fantasy VII is making its way to the new-generation as an HD port. Don't go in expecting too many changes from the original game, apart from the graphics. This one is only meant for all those who love to see a re-master of the most celebrated games in the history of video gaming.

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Persona 5
The new Persona is not only one of the top RPGs you should be playing in 2015, it's also set to be one of the best games of next year on an overall. Persona 5 is arriving at a time when few might argue that the Japanese RPG industry is slowly pushing toward a dark oblivion. But with the new Persona set to make its way, expect some of those mentalities to change.