New In-Game Secrets You Might Miss Out in GTA 5
New In-Game Secrets You Might Miss Out in GTA 5.

Since the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), a list of amazing videos has surfaced online. Since a player can do almost anything in the open world game, videos including jumping from a cliff, punching random people on the streets, battling a shark and others have emerged.

Here we have a list of five entertaining videos of GTA 5 uploaded by fans, giving ideas to what one can do in the game besides completing 69 missions.

Knockout Compilation

One of the popular videos which have received over a million views on YouTube is the Knock Out Compilation. The video includes Franklin, one of the GTA 5 chief characters, punching random people in the game. The video is synced with a song to make it more entertaining.

[Video Courtesy: BlueJumperGaming]

Jumping on to a Cable Car from the Top of Chiliad Hill

This video involves Trevor, another chief character of the game, jumping off the highest point of the Chiliad hill with the help of a dirt bike and also paragliding straight over the top of a cable car.

[Video Courtesy: CVG]

Fighting With a Shark

Another feat a player can acomplish is go underwater and fight against sharks. The video shows an unarmed Franklin trying to fight off a shark underwater only to be killed by the giant fish.

[Video Courtesy: Chrisarchie]

Jumping off from Mount Chiliad on to a Moving Truck

This video featuring Trevor shows the character jumping off Mount Chiliad with the help of a dirt bike and landing onto a moving truck in the city via paragliding. The entire sequence takes place during the night.

[Video Courtesy: CVG]

Trevor's Unsuccessful Parkour Activities

This particular video shows Trevor performing unsuccessful parkour activities in the city, which includes jumping off a high building or a cliff.

[Video Courtesy: Dennis Modman]