Action scene from Singham 2
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Indian films are, perhaps, the most musical, colourful ones, often with over-the-top special effects and gloriously cheesy romances. Mix that with the superhuman action heroes, who are invincible to mortal injuries, and you get the following list of unforgettable action sequences, that redefine the very laws of physics and cranks up the switch of ridiculousness to intolerable heights.


In the Telugu movie, "Magadheera", the hero Ram Charan has some implausible stunts to execute, that include manoeuvring himself on an airborne bike 20 feet up in the air and single-handedly finishing off an army of one hundred men.

The most ridiculous and gravity-defying action sequence of them all, however, is when a flying helicopter is felled using a jeep. If that is not macho enough, the jeep was spiralled into the air by the reincarnation of emperor Sher Khan, currently a fisherman, who manages to jump out of it and onto a safe spot.

Magadheera finale fight sequence
Magadheera finale fight


Every time Ajay Devgn unites with Rohit Shetty, memorable and path-breaking high octane action sequences are born and it just goes up a notch each time. In the box office hit "Singham" as well, Devgn has some unbelievable stunts, one of which is the "car park scene".

In the mind-boggling action sequence, Singham exits a car even as it keeps moving and shoots the tire of his enemy's SUV coming in his direction, which sends it flipping towards Devgn. Without blinking an eye, he grabs the villain through the car's window, throws him down and presses his gun against him as the vehicle drops down next to them.

Singham action scene
Singham action


Proving once again that nothing is impossible for the one and only Thalaiva, Rajinikanth, who plays a robot named Chitti in "Enthiran", is seen jumping from a convertible and zooming into a police van. He then effortlessly flies out through the other side of the van, but suprise, surpise - he has now has an extra baggage, a policeman, whom he uses as a skateboard to land safely on the road.

Action sequence from Enthiran
Action sequence from

Alluda Majaka

Megastar Chiranjeevi executes an iconic "horse skid" in the Telugu movie "Alluda Majaka", which loosely translates to "son-in-law is no joke". In what could probably be the greatest horse slide of cinema history, Chiranjeevi and his horse outrun a jeep full of cops by skidding his four-legged vehicle under a truck, while the police and the jeep go topside.

Chiranjeevi horse skid
Chiranjeevi horse

Chennai Express

Once again, a Rohit Shetty entertainer finds its mark in the outrageous action sequence list, because it is quite impossible for him to make a movie and not have his stars do ridiculous stunts, even when the said star is the king of romance, Shahrukh Khan.

"Chennai Express" marks Khan's return to action movies after a huge gap. Khan slashes the tire of a van coming in the opposite direction, catapulting it 360 degrees into the air, defying all laws of gravity.

Chennai Express action scene
Chennai Express action