The Islamic State (Isis) terrorists are now supported by 42 terror outfits based in countries as far as Saudi Arabia and Russia.

As per an extensive map prepared by a statistics agency Statista for The Independent, as many as 30 terrorist organisations have formally affiliated themselves with Isis, while 12 have pledged their support.

Isis, also known as Daesh, is one of the most violent terrorist groups in modern history, having garnered fighters and supporters from across the globe.

Isis, which turned terrorism into a global crowd-funded affair, has the support of terror groups such as Mujaheddin Shura from Palestine, Boko Haram from Nigeria, Isis Khorasan Province in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Ansar al-Sharia group in Libya.

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and the Indonesian Abu Sayyaf group have also pledged their allegiance to Isis. Pro-Isis groups also have appeared in Malaysia, Sudan, Mali and Algeria among others. In Russia, hundreds of militants from Chechnya are now part of Daesh.

Isis, which has established a so-called Caliphate (a Muslim Kingdom) in Syria and Iraq, is the wealthiest of terror groups, with a montlhy income of  $50 million that it rakes by selling oil in black markets.

According to a report the Associated Press, its largely due to its oil busiess that Isis has been able to withstand the US-led coalition's bombing. The report said the terror group has even been able to bring sophisticated equipment and technical experts from abroad to keep its oil industry running.