Central jail Srinagar
Nearly 400 inmates clashed with the police inside Central Jail Srinagar in a failed move to escape the prisonTwitter

Violence was reported from the Central Jail at Srinagar after nearly 400 inmates tried to escape late on Thursday. The jail authorities immediately called the district administration officials and the local police to bring the situation under control. The prisoners had also triggered four LPG blasts by gathering cylinders from the kitchen area to break the security grid.

There were also reports of the inmates clashing with jail police when they were asked to shift out to a different jail due to the construction work going on. The prisoners broke down the furniture and other infrastructure in jail using the metal rods in the overnight clashes. The authorities also ordered for suspension of the internet in Srinagar and outskirts.

Some of the inmates resorted to stone pelting inside the jail. The police also retaliated and there are reports of severe injuries to many prisoners. On Friday, the families of inmates queued before the jail, but there was no response from the authorities.

The situation escalated when the rumours of the security personnel having burnt down pages Holy Book Quran spread, which was refuted by the jail management.

The families of inmates alleged that the police also resorted to lathi-charge and pellets firing inside the prison violating the guidelines.

Deputy Commissioner Shahid Iqbal Chaudary who visited the jail later convinced the inmates to go back to their barracks and assured them their demands will be heard. The DC, Srinagar has also ordered a probe into the incident to ascertain what led to the clashes between the jail police and inmates.

The Principal Session Judge Srinagar has also asked a team of lawyers to visit the Central Jail Srinagar in order to take the stock of the situation on the request of the family members of the inmates.