An explosion in Kobane, after an ISIS suicide bomber blew up a truck near a YPG hideout.
An explosion in Kobane, after an ISIS suicide bomber blew up a truck near a YPG hideout.Reuters

According to the latest list of death tally, released by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, among the 662 killed in the battle in Kobane in the last 30 days, 374 were Islamic State militants.

The UK-based human rights organisation noted that more than 662 people have been killed in the month-long ISIS attack on Ein al-Arab, also known as Kobane.

The data, documented by SOHR on 15 October, claims 20 civilians were among those killed. The report also stated that of the 20 civilians, 17 were executed by the Islamic State militants - four of whom were beheaded.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish forces have lost 258 soldiers in total so far. While most of the Kurdish fighters died in ISIS bombings, one female fighter killed herself in a suicide mission. Three other female fighters were captured and beheaded by the ISIS.

SOHR pointed out that the ISIS has lost 374 fighters in Kobane so far. While many were killed in ambush attacks by the Kurds, four militants died in a suicide mission in Mashtana Nour Hill.

The report, however, admitted that the actual number of deaths could even be 'twice the number' they have documented.

Meanwhile, recent reports from Kobane indicate that Kurdish fighters have been able to force out the ISIS from some key areas in the town.

Idriss Nassan, deputy head of Kobane's foreign relations committee, told BBC on Wednesday, via a video chat, that the ISIS had lost control of more than 20 percent of the town on the border with Turkey, since the US-led air strikes stepped up.

"Maybe in the few past days [Islamic State] was controlling about 40% of the city of Kobane, but now... less than 20% of the city is under control of [ISIS]," he stressed.

Nassan also said that the Kurdish fighters have now started clean-up operations in Kobane.

The Pentagon also stated that the US-led air strikes have killed several hundreds of ISIS fighters around Kobane. However, it warned that that the town near Turkey's border could still fall to the Sunni rebel group as the situation is still volatile, Al Jazeera reported.