36 Vayadhinile
Jyothika in "36 Vayadhinile"Facebook/ 36 Vayadhinile

The music of the much-awaited movie "36 Vayadhinile" starring Jyothika in the lead has been released.

The album consists of three songs and five original scores composed by Santhosh Narayanan; the lyrics have been written by Vivek.

Directed by Rosshan Andrrews, the movie is a remake of Malayalam hit movie "How Old Are You" starring Manju Warrier.

The audio launch of "36 Vayadhinile' held in Chennai was a star-studded event attended by many celebs including Suriya, Karthi, and cast and crew of the movie.

Here, we bring you review of "36 Vayadhinile' songs by critics:

" Happy – Naalukazhudha"

Singer: Santhosh Narayanan, Lyrics: Vivek

"This is a feel good song from Santhosh Narayanan in his unique style. The lyrics are meaningful, but many critics are questioning the accessibility of the tune. The song offers a warm feeling, but in all probabilities, it will fail to impress a large group of listeners."- Movie Clickz

"The album starts off witj an extremely cheerful number in the quitessential Santhosh Narayanan template, which he is very well known for. There is a warm feeling to the sounds featured in this track, but the acessibilty of the tune will remain a questions." – Movie crow

"A foot – tapping first song of the album, which will also be the first song in the movie. Albeit being a reminiscent of 'Yendi Ippadi' from 'Enakkul Oruvan'. This is a decent track to start things off."- OnlyKollywood

" Pogiren"

Singer: Kalpana Raghavender, Lyrics: Vivek

"This song in all probabilities will be depicting the journey of Jyothika's character in the movie. The lyrics are inspiring, and the tune is well composed by Santhosh Narayanan. Kalpana Raghavender's voice is the main highlight of this track, as the singer has succeeded in taking the song solely in her shoulders. The upbeat orchestration adds the overall elegance of the song. In the Malayalam version, the song which depicts the journey of the lead character was being sung by none other than Shreya Ghoshal. The song which starts with 'Vijanathayil' was well received by the critics, and it emerged as a chartbuster in Mollywood." - Movie Clickz

"A short –lived but inspiring track that will most probably be the catalyst in the character's journey. Kalpana's vocal do exactly what is required, as she literally makes the song's f;y with higher than one would expect. The upbeat orchestration is the highlight here, as Santhosh makes sure the tune lingers in our mind even after the song ends" – Movie Crow

"What a mellifluent rendition this from Kalpana Raghavendar. The music slowly rises in tempo, gelling with a nicely set violin/string background. Vivek's inspirational lyrics do manage to grab your attention in this absolute beautiful number. Our Pick." – Only Kollywood

Singer: Lalitha Vijayakumar, Lyrics: Vivek

"This is a breezy track in this album. Santhosh Narayanan has tried his best to make the song joyful, but at many instances, he fell flat in his attempt. This is not a song which can boast about any kind of specialities as this track works purely on its entertaining arrangements. The saving grace of the song is Lalitha's vocal which is a real treat to listen." - Movie Clickz

"A track that works purely due its entertaining arrangements. The vocals are interactive in their own way, and make it an exceedingly joyful number. Lalitha's quirks run riot over the song make it a breaazy and highly engaging listen" – Movie Crow

"Santhosh Starts with a three syllable piano beat which slowly finds some other quirky instruments coming oits way. Lalitha Vijayakumar does a great job with the miv, for this track will immediately cling on to you, given its quirkiness and flavour."- Only Kollywood

Background Score: "Kannadi"

"This is a background score track, and it is considered as the spinal cord of this entire album. Santhosh Narayanan has proved again that he is a master in composing BGM, and in all probabilities, this BGM when combined with the mind blowing visuals of Rosshan Andrews will create the magic."- Movieclikz

"A simple two toned piano base with a violin bit in the middle. Decent" – Only Kollywood

Background Score "Vidiyal Thedi"

"Another background score track from Santhosh Narayanan which is impeccable in all aspects. The tunes of these tracks will surely stay in our mind if the movie turns out well in the theaters."- Movieclikz

"This is a pleasant theme track which is featured in the teaser. Though it does remind is of AR Rahman, it is the best of the lot." – Only Kollywood

Other Back Ground Scores

"The album also consists of background tracks like, 'President', 'Kanavugal Sumandhu' and 'Kanneer Mozhi'. These BGM tracks are also worth listening, and clearly showcases the potential of Santhosh Narayanan."- Movieclikz

Santhosh Narayanan may not be at his inventive best here, but he still has churned out two good tracks that will stay in the subconscious, no matter what. The background score tracks are simple illustrations of his range. On the whole, this is modest album which will play out better on screen" – Movie Crow