Konami's Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, as it seems, is the hottest property in the industry at the moment. The game, even before it became official, was tagged as one of the best of the year, and in that regard, the new MGS hasn't disappointed.

With its massive open world and several different approaches that you can take to play the game, it is easily one of the 'Game of the Year' contenders, ahead of the likes of Bloodborne and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

There are lots of hidden features that have been unearthed for the game since its release, and most of them still make us excited, even if we have gone through them a hundred times. However, there are also a few minute features in the game that are worth mentioning – and here's a list of 50 of them.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – 30 minute details

  • The guards change their shifts every 12 hour. This is a small movement scenario that can help you (or make life tough) massively during a mission.
  • If you have been tranquilizing Ocelot a lot, he will come up with a variety of custom dialogues, including something like "la li lu le lo."
  • If the Big Boss spends days without showering, enemies can smell him and proceed to investigate the area. For that matter, even animals will think that he is dead.
  • If the Big Boss gets heavily injured during a mission, you will see a blood bag attached to him between missions.
  • Cardboard boxes can and will fall apart when it's raining. So be careful if you are using one as a camouflage.
  • If you don't shower for countless number of days, this will trigger a scene where Ocelot will throw water at the Big Boss.
  • You can sled down slopes, while wearing a cardboard box, while in the prone position.
  • If you point your flashlight at a guard equipped with night vision goggles, it will temporarily blind him.
  • If you can destroy the comms equipment from the mission C2W in free roam mode before accepting the mission, the mission ends during the opening credits, with an astonished Kaz congratulating for being ultra efficient.
  • You can also wash the blood and grime off you by walking around in the rain.
  • In case you stun the enemy and they fall into a puddle of water, they will drown.
  • If you drop a supply crate on an enemy's head, it can knock them out. This is a good way to get rid of otherwise tough enemies.
  • There's a special, hidden cutscene in MGS 5 that will only be triggered if every player with a Forward Operating Base (FOB) work together.
  • You can scare away enemy guards in your area just by playing the bear sounds cassette tape on the speaker.
  • If you are on fire (literally, caught fire), do what you would do in real life – stop, drop, roll.
  • Wild animals will attack enemy soldiers as well.
  • If you shoot the pig head near Eli's chair, it'll make an 'oink' sound.
  • You can unlock a "Sniper Wolf" uniform for Quiet in MGS 5.
  • If you injure your Buddy during a mission, it will lower your bond level with them, doesn't matter if it was an honest accident.
  • Every Mother Base soldier (male or female) you take out on a mission will have their own voices when grilling an enemy.
  • This one's a personal favourite. Just like in the first-ever MGS, you can put C4 on soldiers' butts in MGS 5.
  • Other enemies in the area can hear when your bullet ricochets off someone's helmet, so be careful.
  • Quiet will start flirting with you in the helicopter if you stare at her for too long.
  • If you play utility tapes too often, they will break after a time.
  • Players can blow the treads off a tank with C4 (Saving Private Ryan, anyone?) to immobilize it.
  • If you are standing next to the "Caution: Falling boxes" sign around Mother Base, a box will indeed fall on you and knock you out.
  • Lisa, the ghost from Silent Hills: PT, is available as an active decoy.
  • If you electrocute enemies, nearby soldiers will ask each other if they "smell something."
  • Water guns can be used to fry electronic equipment on enemy bases, if you are not looking to blow them up and cause a commotion.
  • There's a sound from The Six Million Dollar Man that plays when you punch soldiers with the bionic arm.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

[Source: IGN]