The 'dead' toddler woke up just minutes before she was buried (Representational Picture)
The 'dead' toddler woke up just minutes before she was buried (Representational Picture)Markus Reinhardt/Flickr

A 'miracle' video, in which a 3-year-old 'dead' girl woke up during her funeral in Philippines - only moments before she was buried, has come as a shock to thousands.

Mourners, who had gathered at a church for the final rites of the child, were startled to see a miracle unfold before their eyes. The 'dead' toddler woke up just minutes before she was buried.

Although it is difficult to verify the footage and determine whether it is authentic or not, the video shows people gathered for the funeral, while the girl lies seemingly dead in a small coffin. But the young girl from Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur in Philippines is seen coming back to life.

The girl - who was pronounced dead at 9am on Friday and was set for burial at 1pm on Saturday - is quickly being taken out of the coffin by startled family members and is escorted to a safe place, while some awestricken believers of Jesus Christ are seen bringing a cross near the child, in an apparent expression to prove that God saved the girl.

British Tabloid Metro notes that flabbergasted onlookers started recording the unbelievable scenes even as priest was administering the last sacrament, before someone luckily noticed the toddler move and open her eyes.

As the video started going viral, questions were raised if the family members had presumed the toddler to be dead while she could have simply been in a coma-like situation. But according to some articles, cited by viewers of the video, the girl's death was confirmed by a doctor and she was was 'scientifically dead' for more than 24 hours.

The incident raised a few eyebrows as it tends to question the very fundamentals of science. 

However, it is not the first time that cases of people waking up from death have been registered.

In what has been referred to as 'Lazarus Syndrome' - named after Lazarus who was raised from the dead by Jesus - since 1982 there have been at least 38 cases of people who have spontaneously returned to life after failed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

In the case of this young girl from Phillippines, however, it is not known if she had come back to life after failed attempts of CPR.