The much-awaited podcast featuring Jon Moxley, AKA Dean Ambrose, along with Chris Jericho finally took place. A number of revelations were made which are sure to ruffle many feathers in the wrestling fraternity. As expected, the wrestler took an aim at Vince McMahon and spoke on a number of issues that forced him to leave WWE in the first place.

The wrestler revealed that he was paid $500 for the Shield Special which was held as a parting gesture by the WWE to the Lunatic Fringe. Here are a few other startling revelations which he made on the show: 

Did not want to take a dig at Roman Reigns

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Dean AmbroseTwitter/WWE 2K

When Roman Reigns announced that he was suffering from leukemia, Ambrose made the infamous statement that karma comes back to revenge. He went forward suggesting that Roman Reigns' deeds were perhaps the reason why he had to answer God, indirectly blaming his 'deeds' for the condition.

Moxley revealed that he never wanted to speak on the issue since Reigns was a long-time friend but had to go on record due to being pressurised by Vince McMahon. Well, this was not the end of it. The former WWE star also revealed that McMahon wanted him to make another comment on Reigns, but was not very successful in convincing him. As per the man known as Dean Ambrose in his former avatar, this particular comment was so derogatory that he could not even utter it on the podcast. 

Hit out at extremely poor writing

dean ambrose
Dean AmbroseWikimedia Commons / Megan Elice Meadows

The issue with WWE in the past has been their extremely poor script-writing and this was echoed by Moxley. He conceded that he liked doing promos when starting off but then lost interest as the scripts became of low quality. Reflecting on an incident, the former Intercontinental champion said that once a writer wanted him to use the phrase 'p**per scooper' but he forced him to change it since it was very embarrassing.

The former member of Shield said that towards the end of his stint there, he did not even want to get up from bed, so poor was the creative process. 

Promo which became the tipping point

Then there was this promo in which he was getting inoculated by a doctor? Moxley never recovered from it. He also said that he never wanted to do it but was again forced by McMahon and this proved to be the tipping point. There was no coming back for him.  

He claimed: "If there were no other promotions to work for in the world, I still would have left WWE. If there were no other wrestlers, I would have started my promotion, a training school and would have trained my opponents."