Three Day Old Amara Chiedozie learned to feed herself
Amara Chiedozie Feeding HerselfScreenshot/YouTube

Amara Chiedozie has been surprising and shocking everyone, who has seen her, including medical professionals, with her bottle holding skills.

Even more incredibly, single mother Onyi Chiedozie, a student from Chadwell Heath, has said that Amara has been holding her own feeding bottle since she was just three days old.

Born on 3 August at the Queen's Hospital in Romford, Amara weighed six pounds and three ounces and 20-year-old Chiedozie was bewildered by her daughter's dexterity and skill.

"I just think she has a lot of strength; I'm not sure why, though. She wasn't particularly heavy when she was born," Chiedozie told the Daily Mail.

In a video, Chiedozie explains that when Amara was three days old, she bit her nipple too hard while breastfeeding, causing it to bleed. Since she couldn't breastfeed the baby anymore, she started feeding Amara with a bottle.

"I gave her a bottle and straight away she started holding it and I was absolutely shocked," Chiedozie said.

It was hard for Chiedozie to imagine that a little baby would be capable of holding her own bottle. "I'm so shocked that I have been documenting it every day. It's unbelievable," she said. Babies usually do not start holding bottles unaided until they are around four months old. 

Now at three-week-old, Amara even pushes the bottle away when she's done. "She isn't strong enough to throw it (the bottle) away, but she does push it away," says Chiedozie.

Onyi  Chiedozie  and baby Amara  Chiedozie
Onyi Chiedozie and baby Amara ChiedozieScreenshot/YouTube

Chiedozie also jokingly admits that her daughter's amazing skills has made it easier for her, because she can get away with not holding the bottle continuously. She, however, never lets the baby out of her sight.

"Sometimes I hold her or sometimes you can prop her up with a pillow and give her the bottle. I'm always watching her – I don't let her out of my sight," she says.

Chiedozie said Amara's progress had astounded medical professionals as well. "Even nurses are really surprised. When my health support nurse came... She couldn't believe that this could happen."

Nonetheless, Chiedozie doesn't refrain from breastfeeding her either, which she believes would be great way for both of them to bond.

"The breastfeeding is better now – it's comfortable. It used to be painful and sore before but it's good now. When she breastfeeds she is touching and holding on to me. It's a really nice experience and way to bond."

The proud mother admits that she cannot wait for the future, as she feels her daughter would do more wonderful things.

Watch the video of baby Amara in action here.