Astronomers are now closely monitoring a mysterious object that is currently lurking at the edge of the solar system. According to initial estimates, this space body, possibly a comet could be 230 miles wide, and it has a very eccentric orbit. 

More details about this mysterious space body

Researchers have named this monstrous object 2014 UN271. Citizen scientist Sam Deen claimed that this giant space body could be either a mammoth comet or a dwarf planet. 

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The major highlight of this space body is its weird trajectory. Analysis suggests that the object travels close to the Sun and then swings back out to the Oort Cloud (the circumstellar disk of gas and dust which encircle the solar system). Considering this bizarre orbit, it takes almost 6,12,190 years for the object to complete its orbit. 

Where is the mega comet now? 

According to experts, this alleged comet is now 22 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun. It should be noted that one astronomical unit is the distance between the earth and the sun. If the predictions are right, it will reach around 10.9 AU of the Sun in 2031. At this time, this space body will be very close to Saturn

"This new object, 2014 UN271, is not just unusual, but radically exceptional among all known bodies in the Solar System to date. Discovered about 29 AU out from the Sun and currently around 22 away, its orbit takes it from just beyond the orbit of Saturn (10.9 AU) all the way out to the Oort Cloud," said Deen, reports.

Even when this comet reaches its closest point, it will be impossible for earthlings to watch this object without a telescope.