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Young Katherine Stone works at one of Nevada's legal brothels, the Kit Kat Ranch. What makes this 21-year-old American different, however, is that she's the only virgin among the 20-odd women there. In a move that has caused controversy, Katherine Stone has decided that she will auction her virginity to save her family home and further her education. Bids are reportedly at $400,000 as of now.

So, what prompted this move? In December 2014, an electrical fire destroyed her family's Seattle home. And since their house was uninsured, it was a nightmare. After living with relatives for about eight months and not being able to pay the bills, the struggle just continued. Stone told The Washington Post that, "It was really hard to actually get back on your feet after everything."

In 2015, Stone read the story of Natalie Dylan who had auctioned her virginity in 2008 so she could pay for college. This story struck a chord and Stone reportedly got in touch with Dennis Hof (a businessman who owns numerous brothels) had helped Dylan with her auction.

Hof was apparently not too keen on being part of Stone's endeavour, but she persisted with him. She came down to Nevada with her mother to meet him and he finally agreed to her request. Stone moved into the Kit Kat Ranch in May this year and has become a part of the family, reports The Washington Post.

Despite the criticism, Stone has told media that it is her decision. She was quoted by The Washington Post as saying, "I'm definitely growing as a person. I'm learning valuable life experiences, really. Luckily, I've had a lot of support, so at first I was very scared to be here, but I've grown to very much enjoy my work."

As of now, Stone is waiting for more bids. She told The Washington Post, the bid of $400,000 was "just the start," she said. "It's still early in the process. I'm still learning a lot of stuff here at the brothel. It's still too soon to even decide."