2018's top ranked cities for millennials revealed [Representational image]Pixabay

A new study by apartment-searching website Nestpick has revealed the best cities for millennials based on various factors like nightlife, affordability, start-up ecosystem, quality of life and cost of living.

The 2018 study pinpointed the hottest cities for the nomadic generation that often changes cities to settle down at the places of their liking. Apart from the usual list of factors, the website also analyzed fun factors like the cost of beer and the internet speed score.

The number one city on the list was Berlin in Germany, with a nightlife that goes on till sunrise, a great start-up culture, amazing food, transportation and of course local beer.

Here are the top 10 cities based on the study:

1. Berlin, Germany

2. Montréal, Canada

3. London, United Kingdom

4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

5. Toronto, Canada

6. Vancouver, Canada

7. Barcelona, Spain

8. New York City, the US

9. Cologne, Germany

10. Manchester, the United Kingdom

"Millennials grew up in a shrinking world, where the internet opened doors their parents could never have dreamed of, and budget airlines made those avenues real possibilities. It's now possible to live and work anywhere in the world, and these opportunities are shaping how our planet will look to future generations." Ömer Kücükdere, managing director of Nestpick, said in an official statement.

He added: "We must learn to adapt to the needs of younger people in order to have a thriving economy, and we believe that this ranking offers valuable insights to those cities looking for regeneration from a younger demographic."

Surprisingly, not one Indian metropolitan city made the list of the 110 best cities for millennials.