The NFL kick-off cannot get any bigger with the Superbowl champions New England Patriots taking on Pittsburgh Steelers at the Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts on Thursday. The Patriots must have been relieved after their star quarterback Tom Brady's suspension for the Deflategate scandal was reversed.

However, things do not look so great for the Steelers, who last won the NFL in 2006, as they have received major blows with injuries and suspension to key players early on. Hence they might not be able to start the competition in a bright manner, but the Steelers might be lucky to play such a champion side like Patriots in the league opener as they will still have some nerves in the first match of the season and their fans have huge expectations from the team to replicate their last season's performance.

The Patriots are major contenders for the NFL title this season as well, but the road ahead is going to be challenging with other top teams such as Seattle Seahawks, who lost the Super Bowl against Patriots lasy year, in the fray.

The Seahwaks, who are always one of the major forces in the NFL, have added tight end Jimmy Graham to their roster to form a strong squad this season. Seahawks start their campaign against St.Louis Rams on Sunday.

When we talk about big teams, there is no way one can forget Philadelphia Eagles, which comprise one of the most popular NFL players, Tim Tebow. They have brought in a number of new players in the team, so one does not know what to expect from these players. Hence, old guards such as DeMarco Murray and Tebow are going to be crucial for the Eagles, who start their campaign against Atlanta Falcons.

Falcons match up against Eagles is expected to be an interesting affair with the unpredictability factor high as the former has also roped in a new coach in the form of Dan Quinn.

All the 32 NFL teams will be in action during the first week of the season.

Complete Schedule 1st Week

Thursday, 10 September

New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers – 8:30pm ET (6am IST)

Sunday, 13 September

Greenbay Packers vs Chicago Bears – 1pm ET (10:30pm IST)

Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans -1 pm ET (10:30pm IST)

Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets – 1pm ET (10:30pm IST)

Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills – 1pm ET (10:30pm IST)

Miami Dolphins vs Washington Redskins – 1pm ET (10:30pm IST)

Carolina Panthers vs Jacksonville Jaguars – 1pm ET (10:30pm IST)

Seattle Seahawks vs St.Louis Rams – 1pm ET (10:30pm IST)

New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals – 4:05pm ET (1:35am IST)

Detroit Lions vs San Diego Chargers - 4:05pm ET (1:35am IST)

Tennessee Titans vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - - 4:25pm ET (1:55am IST)

Cincinnati Bengals vs Oakland Raiders – 4:25pm ET (1:55am IST)

Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos – 4:25pm ET (1:55am IST)

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys – 8:30pm ET (6am IST)

Monday, 13th September

Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons - 7:10 pm ET (4:40am IST)

Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers – 10:20 pmET  (7:50am IST)