When was the last time you read about a motorcycle that took four years from its first unveil to final production? Such a delay is generally not well received, especially when the manufacturer is Mahindra, which has a reputation for being the leading utility vehicle maker but yet to prove its mettle in the two wheeler market.

Mahindra Two Wheelers entered the business in 2011 and their first product, the Pantero, didn't live up to expectations. The second offering, the Centuro, came with lot of improvement but it's the scooter line-up that has kept the company in the reckoning till now. Hence, the Mojo came without any great expectation as such.

Well, the Mojo is nothing short of a magic. It comes at a time when Mahindra Two Wheelers completed its honeymoon time in the industry. Now, the company required a product that will prove to be its flagship and establish the company's position in the motorcycle segment. That's what the Mojo is all about. We took a test ride from Bengaluru to Coorg and back, covering nearly 700km.

Design and Styling

The design of the Mojo is unique. Right from the distinct twin-headlamps, muscular petrol tank, thick upside-down front suspension, golden coloured cycle parts, twin-exhaust and the Pirelli tyres, Mahindra has tried to make the Mojo different from the current crop of motorcycles. All these additions have given a distinct character to the Mojo.

The design is quirky upfront with the twin halogen headlamps, with LED daytime running lights sporting in large black cowl. Towards the end, it becomes narrow, more in line with scrambler motorcycles. The fuel tank that drinks up to 21 litres doesn't look out of proportion in overall design. The frame in the golden shade looks perfect with the black body colour which is thankfully without decals. The twin-exhaust accentuates the macho feel. Overall the design is a head turner. 

The instrument cluster is easy to read. It has an analogue tachometer with a digital display of speedometer. The display records the top speed achieved. We clocked 140km in a long straight stretch.

Engine and Transmission

The 292cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine develops 27bhp at 8000rpm and 30Nm torque at 5500rpm. The power is transmitted via six-speed constant mesh transmission. The engine has been fine tuned by Mahindra engineers and the refinement level is up to the mark. Despite the motorcycle weight of 165kg, the engine makes the Mojo go smoother without stretching.

Twist the throttle and the motorcycle moves quickly. When we say quick, don't think a surge in power that pushes the motorcycle to zoom like a rocket. The increase in power is progressive and that makes the vehicle ideal for highway cruise. Even at the three digit speed, the engine is silent and smooth that offers confidence to the rider.

The six-speed transmission works in harmony with the engine and is sleek. We never missed a gear while shifting and slots gear with in clinical finish.

Ride and Performance

The Mahindra Mojo is a perfect tourer. The Mojo shines when it is on the highways. We are particularly impressed with the stability in higher speeds. All credit goes to the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres that sticks to the roads like glue applied. In fact, the tyres are one of the main highlights of the Mojo. The seventeen inch 110/70 section front and 150/60 section tyres give plentiful grip no matter whether you are riding on wet or dry surface.

The upside down front suspension and gas-charged mono shock suspension works brilliantly in negotiating the bumps and pot holes. It soaked up the road undulations with ease and also controlled while taking corners.

Being a touring motorcycle, the riding position is more upright and made us feel relaxed. This is complemented by the wide and raised handle. The seat is comfortable and slightly positioned high which is perfect for a 6-footer. All of this helped stress-free long ride. When we reached Coorg on day 1 after covering 400km, we had no body ache or ankle pain, which are usually part of long distance rides.

The Mojo is tamed by 320mm disc brakes up front and 240mm disc at rear sourced from Jjuan. The feedback from the brake is progressive and its stops confidently. However, we found the rear brake is prone to lock up easily. The motorcycle is not offered with ABS.

We have also found the direction changes are little lazy. While the longer wheelbase and the relaxed rake angle benefits in stability, it slows down the quick direction changes. We found this as a minor problem while negotiating through city traffic.

Fuel efficiency

Throttle was pinned most of the time during the ride and it will be incorrect to judge fuel efficiency after this spirited driving. However, after day 1 covering 436km, our motorcycle showed three blocks of fuel left on the gauge. That says the motorcycle will not make a hole in your pocket on mileage.


The Mahindra Mojo is an all-round product that has the potential to be a successful model for Mahindra Two Wheeler. It has a nice and torquey engine coupled with slick gearbox, standalone design and touring abilities. Recipes are quite good and that leads to the final deciding factor, the price. The industry estimation hovers in and around Rs 1.8 lakh. The Mahindra Mojo is a compelling case at that price. However, if Mahindra goes for a price below Rs 1.7 lakh, it will definitely add 'mojo' to the Mojo.

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    Mojo's petrol tank has segment leading 21-litres capacityIBTimes India/ Vikrant Date
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Engine 295cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled
Power 27bhp @ 8000rpm
Torque 30Nm @ 5500rpm
Gearbox 6-speed constant mesh
Length X Width X Height(mm) 2100 x 800 x 1165.5mm
Wheelbase 1465mm
Ground Clearance 173.5mm
Dry weight 165kg
Fuel tank capacity 21ltrs