Narendra Modi addressing annual NRIs' meet in New Delhi on 9 January 2014
Narendra Modi addressing annual NRIs' meet in New Delhi on 9 January 2014Official site

Known for his one-liners, prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi mocked PM Manmohan Singh while talking to NRIs at 'Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas' meet in New Delhi on Thursday.

"Yesterday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said a good thing that we should not lose heart, good days are coming soon. I don't have to say it again (smiles). But I think, we might have to wait 4-6 months but better days are coming," Modi said referring to PM's address on economic growth on Wednesday.

The audience at the annual NRIs' meet, including prominent Indians and policy makers settled across the world, responded with laughter at Modi's reference to the general elections.

Speaking the phrase 'United India, Grand India', Modi also cited the contributions of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel in India's independence.

"If it Had not been for Sardar Patel's foresight, maybe we would need a Pakistani visa to see Gir lions," Modi remarked.

"Mahatma Gandhi's views and teachings need to celebrated this year on the 150th birth anniversary. This is a great occasion for us," he added. 

The Gujarat Chief Minister also mentioned the upcoming 75th year of India's independence in 2022, and pitched it as an important milestone for a free country.

"We will also celebrate our 75th Independence day in 2022, which is a milestone in any country. What kind of country should be given to Indians is the important question now. What can be greater for a locally inspiring, inclusive, resilient India. Basic amenities to all; from village to cities; from rich to poor."