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Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal challenged Narendra Modi for a public debate on Friday at a press conference.

"He has never spoken about his view on foreign policy, education policy etc. He has no vision. I challenge Narendra Modi for a debate on any topic, any language, on any platform. Am ready for a debate with him," the Congress leader said.

During his speech at Pune's Fergusson College in July, NDA prime ministerial candidate Modi had said that India's neighbouring country spends 20 percent of its GDP on education "whereas we in India, having decided on spending 7 percent of our GDP, actually spend only 4 percent on education".

"Modi lied that China spends 20 percent on education when in actuality it spent 4 percent. Modi has never apologized for the lie," Sibal said.

However, Sibal added, "But i know that he (Modi) won't debate. When he hasn't held a press conference till date, how will he debate?" Earlier, on several occasions, Modi had challenged PM Manmohan Singh and Congress VP Rahul Gandhi for a public debate.

Sibal also reiterated Gandhi's statement on how Bharatiya Janata Party is playing the politics of hatred.

"Narendra Modi is always angry, always acrimonious, uses language which is not in keeping with Indian tradition. The kind of language he uses is not a part of our Indian culture and he talks of Statue of Unity (Vallabhbhai Patel statue). People like Nirantar Virodhi (Narendra Modi) are destroying the story of India," Sibal said.

The BJP has frequently charged the Congress-ruling UPA government of corruption scandals. To which, Sibal reacted saying, "Corruption is a national issue, there is corruption in media, professionals, government. It is all pervasive. There is a convicted MP sitting in the Gujarat cabinet."

The Union IT minister Sibal also accused Modi of spreading lies about the UPA government.

"In NDA's regime (1998-2004), GDP rose from $426 billion to $617 billion, In UPA's tenure (2004-2013/12) GDP rose from $617 to $1.48 trillion. We increased GDP, per capita income and BJP says we have destroyed the nation! FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) revenues were less during NDA's regime as compared to UPA's. Central Universities during their time were 17, we increased it to 44, and then they say that we have destroyed the nation," the minister said.

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Giriraj Singh, BJP leader: "scam masters ,killers giving lecture to @narendramodi #1984 #vodafone # 2G #coal #rail #adarsh #muzzafarnagar #godhra #plantokillmodi. corruption is core of congress and lie is face .scam is duty and deviding is secularism," he tweeted.

BJP Delhi Twitter Account: "It was a BJP Govt who set up Lokayukta in 1997 under "Delhi Lokayukta & Uplokayukta Act,1995" & brought even Delhi CM under its purview."

Sharad Yadav, JDU leader: "There are crores of statue in the country. Another will be added to the dumpyard. It is an unnecessary argument."

Ravi Shankar Prasad, BJP leader: "Kapil Sibal had said that there was zero loss in 2G scam, but this is the same scam which lowered India's image world over. Let Kapil Sibal debate with me first, he would have to answer a lot of questions which they (Congress) have been running away from," he told ANI.

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