Queen Elizabeth With James Bond
A performer playing the role of Britain's Queen Elizabeth parachutes from a helicopter during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium (Reuters)

The 2012 London Olympics had the unique and dramatic opening promised by director Danny Boyle as Britain's Queen Elizabeth II stole the show at the opening ceremony with her stunning performance as the new Bond girl.

James Bond actor Daniel Craig and the Queen appeared together in a six-minute comic film produced by the BBC for the Olympic Games.

In the film, Craig as Bond arrives at Buckingham Palace wearing a tuxedo to escort the Queen to her personal helicopter that will take her to the opening ceremony.

The Queen is shown writing a letter as Craig is presented to her by a footman. She greets him with a "Good Evening, Mr Bond" and marches quickly through the palace with the action hero towards the helicopter.

The chopper carrying the two flies over the streets of London with people waving at them until they reach the Olympic Park.            

At the end of the film, the chopper arrives above the Olympic Stadium and as the aircraft steadies, Bond opens the door and the Queen parachutes from the chopper, followed by Craig, above the stadium with the Bond theme playing in the background.

The parachuting scene was performed by stand-ins for both the Queen and Craig.

Minutes later, the Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, entered the Olympic Stadium to rapturous applause from the crowd. The crowd then stood to sing the British national anthem.