If you've been meddling between your daily tasks and watching TV to keep up with the latest developments of the 2012 London Olympics, you can opt for smarter ways to stay connected with the ongoing mega sports event.

In this fast-paced world of ever evolving technology, one has to just hit the right apps to access the Olympic events.

There are various types of free apps being offered through Google's Play store for Android users to enjoy the thrill of the Games from the comforts of a cell phone. Here are a couple of them:

London 2012 Results App:

London 2012 Results App
London 2012 Results App; Courtesy: Google's play store

London 2012 Results App will keep subscribers updated with all the latest news, schedules and results of all Olympic sports, including Paralympic sports which beings from August 29.

Besides results and live updates, the app also provides information about calendar schedule, details of sports, medal winners and athlete profiles. Users can also follow specific countries and receive official news and updates tailored to their interests in just one app. [Download link]

London 2012- Official Game:

 In this app, users get to train their athletes and compete in the nine fast-paced games of Olympics, including 100M, 110M Hurdles, 100m Freestyle, Double Trap, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, 100m Butterfly, Kayak (K1) and Archery. This app is offered for free. [Download link]

London 2012 Join In app:

London 2012 Join In app
London 2012 Join In app; Courtesy- Google's play store

Join In is an essential companion that acts as a pocket guide for users to plan for their favourite sports events, and provides several other details from the Olympic Torch Relay, Paralympics, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies plus all the cultural, city and community celebrations happening across the UK.

The app also acts as a schedule guide for users to catch up with one's favourite sports streamed live from the venue. [Download link]