The final hearing in Bollywood actor Salman Khan's hit-and-run case started on Thursday with defence lawyer saying that driver Ashok Singh was driving the car on the night of 22 September, 2002.

The Bombay High Court questioned defence lawyer, Amit Desai, as to why the driver was produced in court after 13 years of the trial.

"The appellant isn't saying he was not in the vehicle but that he was not driving it. According to the Criminal Procedure Code, the prosecution first had their witnesses, which got over on March 27, 2015 and after this the defence got the opportunity and its first witness was the drive," Desai said in the court, according to Mid-Day.

The defence also maintained that Salman wasn't drunk on the night when the accident happened, which killed one and injured four others.

"Is there a single eyewitness to the fact that the appellant was drinking? The only witness that they brought is a waiter of the Rain Bar and manager, who said they saw him drinking, which was only white liquid. The police picked up some four bills; in two bills the sale was some Bacardi and beer; Bacardi rum is transparent, those bills do not relate to any consumption by the appellant," he added.

On Thursday, responding to Desai's plea, the judge imposed a restriction on media. The media has been restricted from taking audio and video recordings of the courtroom proceedings.

Also, the judge restricted media from making any comments on the arguments.

"The day-to-day reporting of factual events happenings in the court can be allowed," Mid-Day quoted Desai as saying.