"20/20", ABC News' prime-time news magazine, is back with season 39. With a mind-blowing combination of hard-hitting investigative reports, compelling human interest and feature stories, the latest edition premieres with a heart-wrenching story of three-time Olympic athlete Suzy Favor Hamilton, who ended up as a Las Vegas escort.

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For over three decades, "20/20" has offered its viewers reports, stories and interviews that have changed lives. The programme is currently being anchored by award-winning journalists Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir.

The series continues to keep up with its long-running tradition of offering viewers an in-depth analysis of stories that matter. This time around, it takes off with Olympic athlete Suzy Favor Hamilton opening up on how she ended up becoming a prostitute in Las Vegas. 

Suzy Favor Hamilton had a fabulous career, happy marriage and a healthy daughter, so what could have possibly lead to this shocking high-risk life? In her first broadcast interview, Suzy tells Elizabeth Vargas what fuelled her secret double life as a celebrated track hero and a Vegas escort.

In the interview, which is associated with the release of her memoir "Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running From Madness", Hamilton reveals why she was having sex for money. "It wasn't Suzy. I keep trying to emphasize that wasn't me. It was the disease."

The episode will also see Vargas speaking to Hamilton's husband, Mark, who not only knew about her life as an escort but stood by her side.

The show has previously featured an exclusive interview with Bruce Jenner about his transition to Caitlyn and did a special episode on Pope Francis on 4 September as a build up to the current season, which airs on 11 September.

The Pope special episode saw Pope Francis asking a Chicago teen to sing for him, calling a Los Angeles mother a 'Brave Woman'. He was also presented with a special gift ahead of his trip to Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia.

"20/20" returns on ABC with season 39 on 11 September, 10pm