Colorado shooting
Police guard the entrance at the scene of a shooting at a Walmart in Thornton, Colorado November 1, 2017.Reuters

At least three poeple were killed and a woman was gravely injured during a shooting inside a Walmart store in a Denver suburb of Thornton in Colorado on Wednesday.

Cops looking for suspected gunman

However, it is not yet known as to who carried out the shooting.

Thornton police have not released any information about the assailant and whether he or she has been taken into custody. The police which had earlier said that they had zeroed in on multiple suspects are now looking for a gunman wearing a black jacket, blue jeans and a maroon shirt.

The gunman had walked into the south entrance of the store and began shooting a handgun randomly.

Colorado shooting
Police at the Colorado shooting site.Reuters

Here's what had happened

According to Avila, they received a call from the store at about 6.30 pm Mountain Time (8.30 pm Eastern Time).

While a few were shot at, the others hid inside the hypermarket to escape being shot at.

A local news channel reported that a woman whose son was in Walmart had told her that he had heard about 30 gunshots and while he was inside.

By the time the first officers had arrived at the scene, the shooting had ceased.

Within an hour since the shooting began, the Thornton Police Department took to Twitter that the gunfire had ended at the store and said that police and fire crew had surrounded the mart.

Colorado shooting
Police interview Walmart employees and shoppers at the scene of a shooting at a Walmart in Thornton, Colorado November 1, 2017.Reuters

However, Avila said that the nature of the incident or status of the threat is still unclear, said a Reuters report.

"At this time this is NOT an active shooter. Active crime scene. We will update as info becomes available," the police department said in a tweet.

Current scenario

Reports claim that customers have been evacuated from the hypermarket.

lorado shooting
Patrick Carnes is evacuated in a Walmart cart by SWAT medics from the scene of a shooting at a Walmart where Carnes was shopping in Thornton, Colorado November 1, 2017.Reuters

While officials working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are also present at the scene to help the police, the cops are questioning eyewitnesses to catch the assailant.

Police have also asked the people to stay away from the area.