Josh Groban to appear on '2 Broke Girls'
Josh Groban to appear on '2 Broke Girls'?Twitter/Kat Dennings

It is no secret that one of the "2 Broke Girls" Kat Dennings and musical heartthrob Josh Groban are dating. The adorable couple has been quite vocal about their adoration for each other. Considering Dennings' ex-boyfriend Nick Zano played her romantic interest in the CBS show, can fans expect Groban at least in a cameo capacity?

Dennings recently appeared in the "Late Night With Seth Meyers" and told him a little bit about her love life. She told the "SNL" alum that the couple shared a normal, lovely week together in New York. Groban then went off to Denmark to sing for the Queen and Dennings is with Meyers. To assure the talk show host that she would rather be with him that anywhere else, she said, "You're the queen of Denmark to me".

The duo moved on to more professional topics, like Dennings' show "2 Broke Girls", which has been picked up for season 5, wherein she mentioned that one day, she hopes Max and Caroline (Beth Behrs) wouldn't be broke anymore. "It would be great, if the girls just got rich for a season," Dennings admitted to a conceding Meyers.

When asked what the girls would do with their money, Dennings had huge plans for her character Max. "I think Max would just go insane and buy, like, 30 cars.. and then would have no food, but just like a lot of cars". At this point Meyers suggested that she could hire Josh Groban to sing for her, making Dennings giggle and go, "Right".

Meyers went a little too far with the joke by adding a "monetary humour": "Obviously, if he is making those Kroner, you could buy him." He then turns to the audience and explains, "It's Danish money," attributing the earlier conversation about Groban singing for the Danish Queen.

While the creators may not take Meyers' plan for the girls to be rich and hire Groban to sing for them, may be they would consider putting the lovebirds together on screen. Considering Groban has proved his acting talents in "The Office" as Andy Bernard's (Ed Helms) brother and as a nerdish attorney in the Steve Carell comedy "Crazy, Stupid, Love", he would make for a hilarious addition to the CBS show starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs.