2 Broke Girls Spoilers
2 Broke Girls Spoilers.Facebook/ 2 Broke Girls

CBS will air "2 Broke Girls" season 4 episode 14 titled "The Cupcake Captives" on 9 March, Monday. The new episode will be all about Sophie's (Jennifer Coolidge) wedding shower and how it is interrupted by a hostage situation. Meanwhile, the cupcake business is also getting some negative publicity, thanks to "Max's Homemade Cupcakes" T-shirts.

The sexually adventurous and outspoken couple Sophie and Oleg (Jonathan Kite) are getting married with Max (Kat Dennings) as the bridesmaid. Sophie, who loves attention and being celebrated, is no doubt looking forward to all her wedding traditions, the first of which is the wedding shower.

In the teaser, as Caroline and Sophie walk into their home, Max along with a large number of women, mostly women who look like Sophie's Polish friends and may be even girls who work in her cleaning business, yell "surprise". The entire room is decorated in pink and the word "CONGRATULATIONS" is written with decorative paper.

However, due to an undisclosed "hostage situation" the shower is going to be disturbed. According to a still from the episode, Caroline (Beth Behrs) is seen explaining something to Sophie, and Max looks at the duo from within their decorated hall/Caroline's bedroom/kitchen. Sophie is clad in a low-cut, sparkly dress, as per her usual style and cupcakes are spread out for her.

The scene is either from before the actual shower when the girls are half-way through decorating the room or after the actual shower, where they are apologising to her for the interruption.

Another photo showed Oleg, Han (Matthew Moy), Earl (Garrett Morris) and the titular broke girls with alcoholic beverages at the Diner. The girls are clad in their waitress attires and it can be safely assumed that the men will be having their own party when the waitresses leave, as Sophie and the girls have theirs. 

Meanwhile, the "Max's Homemade Cupcakes" T-shirts designed by Max and Caroline to promote their business will harm it, when a tenant in their building is arrested while wearing it. It supposedly receives so much publicity that even local TV channels approach the girls regarding it.

In one of the many stills from "The Cupcake Captives" released by CBS, Caroline is seen talking to an interviewer with a camera crew at the cupcake window. She possibly is trying to get out of the sticky situation caused by the person who was arrested wearing their T-shirt.