2 Broke Girls Spoilers
2 Broke Girls Spoilers.Facebook/ 2 Broke Girls

Season 4 episode 15 of "2 Broke Girls" will not air on Monday, 16 March. However, CBS will return with "And the Fat Cat" next Monday, 23 March.

Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) barely salvaged their cupcake business after last episode's disaster. A man living in their apartment complex was arrested by the FBI for holding three women as hostages while wearing "Max's Homemade Cupcakes" t-shirt in "And the Cupcake Captives".

Although the media tried to make him seem like the brand ambassador for "Max's Homemade Cupcakes", Caroline intervened and saved the day. However, they did lose the t-shirt business and are really broke once again.


In "And the Fat Cat", Caroline and Max lose their cat Nancy and a handsome businessman returns her. Could he be the potential love interest for the two single girls?

Generally the ambitious men who guest-star in the show date Caroline like Nicolas (Gilles Marini) who was a "master baker" and Max's teacher at the Manhattan School of Pastry and Andy (Ryan Hansen), a candy store owner whose business was across from the cupcake store.

Meanwhile Max dates men who dance to the beat of their own drums, like Deke (Eric André), who lived in a renovated dumpster and studied at the Manhattan School of Pastry with Max, and Johnny (Nizk Zano), who had a very unhealthy on-again-off-again relationship with Max and drew graffiti billboards.

Whomever the mysterious businessman may end up dating, or even if either of them isn't interested in him at all, Nancy has come home with a huge surprise.

In the sneak peak for "And the Fat Cat", Caroline, Oleg (Jonathan Kite) and Earl (Garrett Morris) are seen making bizarre excuses to Han (Mathew Moy) on why Max is late. Finally Max comes in and says that she was late because she couldn't find her cat Nancy, and also "I was stuck on a bus or under the subway...Unless they told you something different, then I was doing that".