To think of Bigg Boss and not think of Salman Khan is impossible. In the last ten seasons, Salman Khan's name has become a part of the Bigg Boss family. No celeb, who came before him, could make the audience connect to the show and themselves, the way Khan has.

Despite threatening to walk out of the show and not returning for the next season, Salman Khan always manages to come back. And the audience couldn't be happier.

Salman Khan on the stage tonight

Let's take a look at the giant increment the actor has got from season 4 to season 14 of the Bigg Boss.

Season Four to six: The Dabangg Khan was getting Rs 2.5 crore per episode for seasons 4, 5 and 6; reports Bollywood Hungama.

Season Seven: After his popularity on the show and increased market value, Salman increased his fee to Rs 5 crore per episode for season seven, the report states.

Season Eight: Salman is said to have received Rs 5.5 crore per episode for this season.

Season Nine: Though there was never any official confirmation, Salman Khan is said to have taken home Rs 7-8 crore per episode.

Salman khan on the sets of Grand premier of Bigg Boss

Season Ten: For this season, which remains one of the most popular ones, Salman took home Rs 8 crore per episode, reportedly.

Season Eleven: There were reports that Salman Khan would be taking home Rs 11 crore per episode for season 11. However, Salman had denied the reports.

Season Twelve and Thirteen: Reports say that Salman Khan had increased his fee to Rs 13 crores per week for these seasons.

Season Fourteen: Salman Khan has taken a paycut for this season. Talking about it, the actor said, "This is the reason why I am doing this season of Bigg Boss. It'll provide employment to people, there's a very large unit, they will start getting their salary, they'll be able to get ration for their homes."