2.0 Trailer Launch
Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's 2.0 trailer launch.PR Handout

The teaser of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's 2.0 had given glimpses to the face-off between the two characters played by them. The trailer from the multilingual movie, which will be out on Saturday, November 3, is expected to give an introduction to what they are capable to pull off in the mega-budget movie, directed by Shankar.

Shankar is known as a smart and sensible filmmaker, whose promos have always stood out from the lot. He spends an ample of time on it to ensure that the clips send the right message to the viewers, thereby creating positive vibes around his movies.

However, 2.0 is not a regular commercial movie and needs a different packaging. As the countdown has started for the trailer release, here, we are listing out the elements one can expect from the video:

Breathtaking Visuals

A section of audience were not satisfied with VFX quality after the teaser release of 2.0. Critics found similarities between the climax fight in Shankar's 2010 Enthiran - The Robot and 2.0. The formation of robotic clones like cages and snakes was directly inspired from his previous work.

The 2.0 team has shot mammoth 2,100+ VFX shots and multiple teams have worked for months on the CGI. One thing that the trailer will try to showcase is the visuals. The audience, invariably, liked idea and visuals of the mysterious disappearance of mobiles into the air, jaw-dropping formations, gigantic eagle-like bird attacking cities in the teaser. The trailer is expected to go one step further to make the film look like a visual spectacle.

Akshay Kumar

Akki is the trump card for the makers to sell the movie to North Indian and Hindi-speaking audience. Unfortunately, the Bollywood audience were upset with the teaser as they felt that he had a lesser presence in the video.

Akshay is believed to be playing the role of Dr Richard aka Crow Man. He is said to the creator of the gigantic bird, which was seen in the teaser.

If watched closely, the teaser had set the tone for the battle between gigantic bird and Chitti. Indeed, Rajini had confessed that he liked Akki's role and wanted to do it if given a choice.

Yet, the section of viewers felt that Akshay had lesser importance in the storyline. Looking at the negative talks, it is safe to say that trailer would bring more focus on the Oh My God Star to keep his legion of fans happy.


Rajinikanth plays dual roles of scientist Dr Vaseegaran and his robotic clone Chitti. It is the second role that had left the viewers wanting for more. His 'Hoo Hoo' hoot in the teaser had sent fans into the tizzy. Undoubtedly, he is the USP of the movie.

However, one cannot expect his usual mannerisms although it might be used occasionally to drive his fans crazy in theatres. But what the trailer might guarantee is hair-raising stunts and stylish Chitti taking on its rival played by Akshay Kumar peppered with one-liners.


AR Rahman's BGM was one of the highlights in the teaser and one expects the two-time Oscar Award-winning musician to repeat the same. Also, the visuals from the songs might find a place in the clip.