Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson
Akshay Kumar, Amy JacksonVarinder Chawla

Apart from being loaded with bone-crunching action and some death-defying stunts, Shankar's "2.0" ("Robot 2") also boasts of an interesting storyline. Sources say Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson are in a love triangle for this one.

"'2.0' is Shankar's dream project and it is a modern day rendition of Ramayana. It is essentially a love tri-angle between Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson and Akshay Kumar with a lot of action. The look of all the actors in the film will take you by surprise," Catch News quoted a source as saying.

Designer-stylist Rocky S, in an interview with Behindwoods.com, said Akshay has a "devilish" look on for sci-fi actioner. "There is a casual look as well as futuristic look given to the main cast, the antihero has been given a devilish look and female lead has been given formal look," he said.

Talking about the story line, the insider further told Catch News that the film isn't exactly a modern-day take on Ramayana, adding that viewers will be able to draw references from it. "Once you watch the film, you will be able to draw references with Ramayana. The action sequences are at par world standards and you will be shocked looking at scale of the film," the source added.

Made on a lavish budget of Rs. 350 crore, the film's technical team is dotted with helping hands from out West. Legacy Effects, an animatronics firm based out of the USA, is on board to create the sleek, stylish droids; Kenny Bates, who had a lot to do with the heart-pounding stunts in "Transformers," has apparently been roped in to supervise the action sequences, Firstpost reported.

The shoot is expected to wrap up by August, post which the director and his unit will begin work on VFX.