Rajinikanth in 2.0
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The wait is finally over, and the most anticipated Indian movie of the year '2.0' had its theatrical release on November 29. Starring Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar in the lead roles, this film is widely touted as India's epic reply to Hollywood flicks like 'Avengers'. Did this Shankar directorial live up to the expectations? Let us check out.

A story with a good message

The basic storyline of the movie was predictable from the trailer itself. When a Birdman (Akshay Kumar) started creating havoc in Chennai, the home minister seeks the support of Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth), the creator of Chitti, the robot. To save the city, Chitti comes back to life, and he starts fighting against the birdman who is now in a killing spree.

However, Chitti fails to defeat the birdman, and at this juncture, Nila, the personal assistant humanoid robot of Vaseegaran gives rise to 2.0, the upgraded version with a red chip on its body. In a stunning climax portion set in the backdrop of a football match, 2.0 defeats the birdman and retains peace in the city.

It should also be noted that the birdman is waging a war against mobile phone users, and if we reveal the reason behind it, it may act as a spoiler. Director Shankar reveals that radiations coming out from mobile towers are causing widespread death of birds, and just like all other Shankar flicks, this film too handles a relevant social message. Even though the intention behind choosing such a theme is commendable, many experts believe that its scientific base is yet to be proven.

Rajinikanth steals the show, Akshay Kumar shocks everyone

Rajinikanth is a man with an impeccable screen presence, and he repeats the same magic in this flick too. The actor excelled as Vaseegaran and Chitti, he was simply outstanding as '2.0'. Even though 2.0 entered the screen during the latter portion of the second half, it was this character that took fans to a state of frenzy.

It should be also noted that there is a secret role by Rajinikanth during the climax of this film, and it will surely please the young audiences, especially kids.

Akshay Kumar was at his best even though he was portrayed more like an animated creature in most of the film's running time. However, during the climax portions, and the pre-interval session, Akshay literally overshadowed Rajinikanth, and he deserves a wide round of applause for this effort.

Amy Jackson looked cute, and her character tickled the funny bone of the audiences when she rendered that iconic dialogue 'I am waiting'. The remaining star cast comprised of Kalabhavan Shajon, Sudhanshu Pandey and Adil Hussain had nothing much to do.

Poor screenplay, world-class VFX

The major drawback of the movie is its screenplay which lacked depth. However, Shankar overcame this flaw with mindblowing visuals. The action scenes loaded with extravagant VFX can be compared with any other Hollywood sci-fi flicks, and through this film, Shankar once again assured that he is the James Cameron of Indian cinema.

There is only one song in this movie and it comes during the pre-interval block. As the film's credit started rolling, many audiences were seen telling that they missed the track 'Rajaali'.

Final Verdict

'2.0' is a paisa vasool entertainer loaded with mindblowing visuals. This movie has all the elements needed for a commercial entertainer, and in all probabilities, this flick will take the box-office by storm.