2.0, Enthiran, 2.O Review
Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's 2.0 (2.O) Review is Here.PR Handout

Technology and scientific advancement have contributed greatly to improve the lives of human race. Be in it is the field of healthcare, farming, electronics or communication, technology has resulted in a global revolution. At the same time, there are adverse effect of the technologies and Shankar's magnum opus 2.0, which stars Rajinikamth and Akshay Kumar, deals with one such subject.   

2.0 Story  

2.0 is a message-oriented movie which talks about the radiation caused due to mobile usage. The movie begins with the suicide of ornithologist Pakshirajan (Akshay Kumar). On the other side, we are told about Dr Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth), who has created a humanoid robot, Nila (Amy Jackson). The story turns interesting once the cell phones starts disappearing. Upon investigating, it is revealed that it is the work of the Fifth Force and without any choice Dr Vaseegaran is forced to reassemble his dismantled robot, Chitti to counter the battle against the giant bird. The remaining part of the story is about the battle between the robot and Pakshirajan.

2.0 Movie Reviews:

The movie has tried and tested plot, but what makes it a unique movie is the world-class visuals and sound. The story has the elements of vigilante, science-fiction and horror movies. Although the content is not strong, the narration keeps you engaged in most part of the Shankar's flick.
2.0 has the amazing screen presence of Rajinikanth, who doesn't show signs of ageing at all. His Chitti character and Kutty characters win the people's hearts. Akshay, in the role of antagonist, has come out with flying colors as the birdman. His hard work is visible in every frame and Amy Jackson has played her part well. 

Starting from the VFX to cinematography, all the departments have contributed to make it a visual wonder. However, the biggest drawback of 2.0 is lack of comedy. Check out their response to the multilingual flick:

Ratings: 3

What audience say? Find out from their words:

Indrajith Bandara: #2point0Review - #2Point0 is a 'MARVEL'ous Indian cinema experience. Go for it. Worth your time. A perfect combo of visual treat, action and social message. RIP Box Office Records. #2Point0FromToday #2Point0FDFS @2Point0movie @lycaproductions

Tejan 2.0: #2Point0 is a well scripted BLOCKBUSTER. I can't believe what I've just witnessed. Chitti @rajinikanth sets the screen on fire. He's as great as he was in the first part. @akshaykumar delivers once in a lifetime performance. This film is a pride of Indian cinema. @shankarshanmugh

Hari Krishna Raju: Engaging first half ... main story yet to start.. not even a single boring moment. Shankar sir imagination hardly 50% transferred may be .. #2Point0 waiting for second half
2.0 loaded .. Rajini peka aadestunnadu #2point0
#2Point0 second half back story and last 40 mins vera level ... with a surprise #3Point0 Shankar sir is back with a Bang .... entire team "take a bow" .. commercial ga BLOCKBUSTER ayye soochanalu pushkalamga unnai ... go watch it

Faridoon Shahryar: Amy Jackson leaves an impact with her charming presence.Sudhanshu Pandey is good.
Nirav Shah's camera work is fabulous n Anthony's editing is the super star.There's never a dull moment in the film.
A R Rahman's music is special too.Kailash Kher number is v touching.
.#2Point0 is a unique film at the level of its story.The VFX are out of the world but important part is that the story,the heart of the film is in place n that makes it such a wonderful http://experience.It makes u think.Its common sense...birds eat insects n help the mankind!

Christopher Kanagaraj: #2Point0 - Great core idea & thinking by Shankar, socio message oriented; Presented with grand visuals from start to end. But Screenplay drags. Climax Stadium - MB seq s stunning. Liked Akshay's flashback. Watching Super* on screen s always special. Avg 1st hlf & Better 2nd hlf!

cinemapatti: #Shankar fuses technology, fiction and showmanship brilliantly to reload #Rajinikanth's superstar swag in this must watch grand sequel.

Blondie: #2Point0 - As a Rajini and Shankar hater myself, went to the film with low expectations. But the movie is phenomenal. Career best for rajini and Shankar. First indian movie to showcase 3d in full potential. Akshay Kumar also done a good job as villain. Arr bgm good. Overall

Sangeetha Sivakumar: Amy Jackson is utilized correctly in #2Point0 .. her best performance till date.. @akshaykumar stands out with his amazing acting skills !!@arrahman sirrr.. deivamae.. epdi ipdi padathodaa merge aagareenga?? #Rajinikanth 

bhanugowdar: #2Point0 : Mind-blowing theatrical experience. Transports you to a world of it's own and keeps the surprises coming right till the very end. Trash your doubts, this is world-class stuff. Shankar, the hero!

Nija Vj : #2Point0FDFS #2Point0 - 4.5/5, A proper mix of @shankarshanmugh 's socially responsible vigilante films with his masterpiece #Enthiran franchise. Man, the audacious' 2.0' and the surprise '3.0' steal the show. Going to be a feast for Superstar Rajinikanth's fans, he is BACK!

Raghava Teja: It's again Thamizh Cinema raising to the occasion.
Their social consciousness deserves a Kudos.
"This planet isn't just for Humans"
Robo 2.0 is worth watching for its message, VFX, Action and Fun. #2Point0FDFS #2Point0Review #2point0

Review Ram: #2Point0 - Interval - Outstanding visuals, 3D effect & VFX work. There are a few mass Thalaivar moments & certain ideas of Shankar is commendable. But, beyond that, the enjoyment quotient is on a middling level. Direction & screenplay could have been better.
'Watchable' so far.
#2Point0 (Tamil) - One-time watch for the efforts. #2Point0FDFS

MovieCrow: #2Point0 review - the best moments of 2point0 are the recall scenes and BGMs from 1st part #Enthiran. Chitti 2.0 has the best punch dialogues and breathing life into the movie finally during the climax @shankarshanmugh @akshaykumar @rajinikanth

AYN: #2Point0 could have been better !!! Will make its money back nevertheless .... lower your expectations and you will enjoy it !! Positives : Shankar , Akshay and VFX ; Negatives : Rajni !!

Muhammad Adhil: #2Point0 : Stadium sequence @shankarshanmugh on revenge mode With Thalaivar as well joining the party, worth repeats
Right from Akki's flashback Shankar mark
#2Point0 : Stadium sequence @shankarshanmugh on revenge mode With Thalaivar as well joining the party, worth repeats

Taran Adarsh: #OneWordReview... #2Point0: BLOCKBUSTER. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #2Point0 is a cinematic marvel... This has style with substance... Director Shankar is a visionary... He hits the ball out of the park this time... Akshay Kumar is FANTASTIC, while Rajinikanth is THE BOSS... SALUTE!

Maahi: It will be delight to watch @akshaykumar sir as an Anti-Hero.

His Anti-Hero performances in #Ajnabee #Khiladi420 #Aflaatoon were superb, but In #2Point0 Trailer and posters i can see this will fire up my all nerves with his brilliance. Dying to watch that #AkshayKumar

Christopher chowdary: Let downs
1st half is flat | Scenes between Amy and robo are boring | Vfx looks pale sometimes
Game is on when 2.0 enters | #2Point0 | Old Shankar is back | Fantastic screenplay
High moments action wise | With emotional story | Totally uplifts the movie to another level
Rajini sir will slay the box office
Top moments | 1.Akshay Kumar transformation | Scene
2.chitti robo 2.0 confrontation scene with Akshay Kumar
3.humainod robo scene | Whistles | 4.flash back scenes | 5.climax is superb

Shravan Kumar: U Will Stay On Your Seats. It Will Blow Your Mind, #2Point0 unbelievable wow it's a professional perfect Indian Cinema, #Akhshaykumar sir his action was amazing, #Rajinikant sir given his full hardwork to this film, the best #VFX in Indian Films..