Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, 2.0
Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 has made this much of collection at worldwide box office.Twitter

The second weekend for 2.0 at the worldwide box office was good in some centres. The movie managed to enjoy above-average occupancy rates in Hindi belt and in some overseas centres.

The break up

In Tamil Nadu, no big movies saw the light of the day last weekend which turned out to be an advantage for 2.0. The movie, more or less, retained the majority of screens across the state although a slew of low-budget flicks were released.

The estimated collection of 2.0 in the state is less than Rs 80 crore by the end of its 11-day run. In Chennai alone, the movie has raked in Rs 18.41 crore.

In Andhra and Telangana, 2.0 had a better weekend than Tamil Nadu. The occupancy rates for the shows across the two states saw a jump on Saturday and Sunday. The total collection is estimated to be around Rs 78 crore.

In Karnataka and Kerala, 2.0, which has Akshay Kumar in the role of a villain, has earned over Rs 30.5 crore and Rs 16.3 crore, respectively, to take its total tally to Rs 204.8 crore from the South India box office alone.

Interestingly, Rajinikanth's film has performed exceedingly well in the Hindi belt. The movie has grossed over Rs 210 crore in North India to take its domestic total to Rs 414.8 in India.

Among the overseas centres, 2.0 came out with flying colours at the US box office where it breached into $5-million mark. The movie is estimated to have grossed over R 125 crore (reported screens) at the international box office to take its worldwide box office collection to Rs 539.8 crore.