"He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" is unarguably one of the most iconic animated series of all times. It hugely dominated the television animated slot between 1983 and 1985, garnering a large fandom across the world.

Fans will be delighted to know that new episodes of the '80s "He-Man" have been confirmed to be released soon, almost after 20 years since the last one aired, reports Entertainment Weekly. The first new episode will air at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 (SDCC).

As the classic animated series is all set to make a comeback, here are some of the most prominent villains from the series that the fans can expect to return and fight against He-Man and his friends of Castle Grayskull:


A cyborg leader of the Evil Horde, Hordak is an archenemy of He-Man's sister, She-Ra, but has appeared in several episodes of "Masters of the Universe." Hordak has the ability to change his body parts into mechanical weapons and vehicles and also has magical powers.


One of the primary antagonist of He-Man, Skeletor is a classic He-Man villain. He is a blue-skinned sorcerer with a skull-face. Though in most of the earlier episodes he appeared as an insane maniac, Skeletor was actually an intelligent inventor who was cursed with deformity by the gods of Eternia.

Beast Man

Skeletor's right hand man, Beast Man has appeared alongside him in several episodes. He is a brutal warrior who can control the minds of wild animals and make them do his work. However, depicted as comic relief, Beast Man is mostly seen as a dumb sidekick and is never much of a threat to He-Man and other warriors.


Another of Skeletor's sidekick, Tri-Klops wears a rotating green visor helmet that has three artificial eyes fixed to it, providing him with three different types of vision. He is one of the lethal enemies as he is able to look behind his shoulders and in front of him simultaneously, hence making it hard for He-Man or other warriors to hit him.


Evil-Lyn is a dark witch whose dark magical powers second only to those of Skeletor. However, unlike Beast Man and Tri-Klops, she isn't loyal to Skeletor and keeps plotting to overthrow her master, which always adds an interesting twist to the story of He-Man.


Created by Skeletor, Faker is an exact replica of He-Man who completely resembles him, with same skin colour and armour. However, unlike He-Man, Faker has glowing eyes and a very strange hollow-sounding voice. He has created troubles for Master of the Universe often as his powers are also similar to He-Man.