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The Duggars of "19 Kids and Counting" fame will have a huge Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, which will be attended by most of her 19 children, friends and other relatives.

Although eldest Duggar sibling Josh and the newlywed Jessa are spending Turkey Day with the family of their spouses, the Duggars will still have some special guests over on Thursday, as they believe in the "more the merrier" policy.

All in all, the Duggars' Arkansas home is expected to host anywhere from 30 to 40 guests, which will include Michelle Duggar's sister, and some friends, the matriarch told the US edition of International Business Times, via a TLC network representative.

Keeping in tune with their family tradition, the Duggars are expected to kick-start the meal by offering thanks to God for the love they've received from people around them.

"One of the things that we always do before we get around the table is to gather together in the living room to give thanks for that year, for the past and all of the things that we have to be thankful for," Michelle wrote in her TLC blog a couple of years ago on how the family celebrates Thanksgiving.

"By going around and expressing gratefulness we get a chance to share and remember all of the important parts of our lives. We'll say thanks for our meal and enjoy the food and company together. The important memories at Thanksgiving are of being together and having a time of gratefulness," she noted.

As for the meal, Michelle and her children are going to cook the usual Thanksgiving fare, which will feature a Green Bean Casserole and a traditional family dish started by Michelle's mother comprising noodles with turkey broth and gravy.

So how many turkeys will be served at the dinner? Michelle believes two giant birds with four smaller turkey breasts will suffice. Explaining how they will be prepared, Michelle explained that one bird will be cooked in water with a peeled onion inside, and the other will be smoked.

Dessert delicacies will include 15 of Jim Bob's favourite pumpkin pies in addition to home-made pecan and apple pies. There will also be peanut butter and chocolate Buckeye candies, the media outlet reported.